Four Days Late, City Issues Tunnel Accident Release


Finally four days after the accident in the Ottawa light-rail tunnel, the municipality has issued a press release.

One wonders if the public would know anything at all about this accident had not an internal memo been leaked to The Bulldog.

In the release below, the city acknowledges the accident and downplays its importance. As well, it presents favourable figures about how safe this project has been.

Safe? Lucky would be a better word. One small sinkhole, one large sinkhole and the collapse of a large portion of Rideau Street. Then the tunnel flooded.

Using the standard below, the city would call hell tepid.

Here’s the city’s side of the story below. Just click on the highlighted words:

March 21 Tunnel EN



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3 thoughts on “Four Days Late, City Issues Tunnel Accident Release

  1. By reporting several days after the incident, the probability of getting the facts wrong is minimized. It also allows them to look at a range of “fact” based views, to decide which one presents the most favourable picture, for as we all know, statistics never lie, but … Finally, the lag time allows the communications department staff to craft the message carefully, while avoiding overtime, because we know how cost conscious Mayor Watson’s administration is.

  2. Look like the worker is okay and that is good news.

    As an aside, page 2 second last para. says something that raises my eyebrows.

    It talks about the work schedule being modified to meet the 2018 completion schedule. It says there have been modifications running 24 hours, 7 days a week and 24 hours, 5 days a week at various locations, extra worker resources and additional equipment.

    Now, where I come from, these changes may keep you on schedule but what about the costs?

    The contract is fixed price. That means that the contractor either eats the extra cost or will, perhaps, try to pass it along later using some negotiation alone with legal means.

    Business people hate eating costs.

  3. A very well crafted press release which portrays the City, RTG, Ambulance services, Ministry of Labour as having all done their jobs properly.
    Without saying it, gives the impression the anonymous injured worker is not truthful .
    My bottom line is: who benefits from this press release and it is not the anonymous worker.


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