Four People Pass Out At Mayor’s Breakfast

At least four people passed out from the extreme heat Sunday morning at the Aberdeen Pavilion and were taken away by ambulance from the Mayor’s Annual Canada Day Celebration for Seniors.

A release prior to the event said 2,000 seniors were expected for the gathering. The Aberdeen Pavilion is not air conditioned.

When the more than $200-million renovation of Lansdowne Park (where the pavilion is located) was being planned, Mayor Jim Watson fought against air conditioning in the building where the four illnesses took place. The price of air conditioning at the pavilion was estimated at $200,000. Watson opted for the cost saving.

The outdoor temperature at the time of the event was 32 degrees C and humidex was 45 degrees C. The forecast high for Sunday was 35 degrees C. There is no estimate of the indoor temperature where the 2,000 seniors gathered.

More than 25 private sponsors contributed to the event.


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12 thoughts on “Four People Pass Out At Mayor’s Breakfast

  1. Penny-wise and pound foolish again. Hopefully they just passed out and it wasn’t more serious.


    1. Is the city hall air conditioned?

      Wonder about his lairdship’s house ? His car?

      And even if the answers are no, no and no – any idiot who can read knew that there have been warnings out about the weather and heat for yesterday and today.

      Ever heard of cancelling a political event because if might be unsafe?


  2. How much has been spend on Ottawa Health warnings regarding the heat wave and what to do and not do. Obviously, persons in influential positions had ear plugs in and blinders on.

    Anyone still wonder why our city is in such a mess.


  3. And they couldn’t have moved it to another venue with A/C? There are a number of other city-owned places that would accommodate that number.
    That being said, some of the responsibility has to fall on the people who ignored the warnings and went out in those conditions. In order to be at the event, they had to have been outside to get there. Even though it started at 8 am, it was already 26 with a humidex of 38. A simple phone call would have confirmed that the Aberdeen Pavilion isn’t air conditioned.


  4. Was this a re-election campaign event, or was Mayor Jim Watson using city dollars to self-promote a few months prior to the municipal election?


      1. In other words , it was a political event sponsored by 25 Watson backers.

        The only thing that would be more obvious would have been calling it — “Breakfast with Your Next Mayor”.


        1. It begs the question of when is an event part of an election campaign, and when is it part of “usual” city business. In Ottawa, the election campaigns and “usual” city business are often one and the same. I no longer listen to the Eagles’ “Business as Usual”, as it brings up images of Jim Watson promoting himself at civic functions – and that comment goes back to his first term.


          1. Ron,
            It begs many other questions.
            Will Ottawans stop drinking the kool-aid?
            Will Ottawans remove each and every one of the existing council?
            Is Ottawa doomed?


    1. Ron,
      The seniors’ breakfast has been going on for many, many years and has always been at the same place with the exception of when Lansdowne was being re-configured a few years back.
      While it is sponsored by a number of commercial interests, mostly ones whose primary clientele is the senior population, it is definitely the mayor’s event. It’s advertised as such and he is front and centre at the event.
      Although the sponsors contribute to it, it also takes up considerable staff time to organize. As far as I know, that is overseen by the office of protocol at city hall. I’m not sure which city budget line the cost comes out of.
      Do the sponsors pay a rental cost for the Aberdeen Pavilion or for the free parking offered to participants? The ticket to the event used to get the holder free transport on OC Transpo which wasn’t included this year because all transit services were free that day.
      All the other sitting politicians in the city – federal, provincial and municipal – are invited to participate and many of them do. It’s a great place to campaign or, if you’ve recently gone through an election, to thank your constituents for their support.
      In fact, I was once told by a councillor that the timing (8 to 10:30 a.m.) is necessary so all those politicians can attend and still make it to the Canada Day events in their ward/riding.
      If you’re running a city-wide campaign, it’s a great way to get access to 2,000 people, who are quite probably voters, all in one place where your opponents have no access. It’s invitation-only so, other than sitting councillors, the only way other candidates can get inside would be to come as somebody’s plus-one unless they were themselves seniors.


  5. I just read that the Royal Canadian Mint closed its doors on Canada Day because the air conditioning wasn’t working.

    Guess those people at the Mint could read.


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