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Some people in town were worried that Mayor Jim Watson didn’t have a really good candidate running against him.

So a very serious person for whom I have a lot of respect asked me to run. I played with the idea for three or four days but decided I was doing more good (maybe) writing The Bulldog than running for mayor and after such a run, The Bulldog would be compromised. Furthermore the two people I would want to run such a campaign were occupied … running Watson’s campaign. Oh well.

That didn’t stop Ron Corbett on CFRA asking over and over again if I were running for more. My answer was always no, no, no. But he surmised I was The Phantom (a character from The Bulldog considering running for mayor) and I denied it. I wasn’t The Phantom.

Still Corbett was closer to the truth than he knew but where he was wrong was that I wasn’t running. And I didn’t.

Still it was flattering to be asked to run by someone you respect a great deal. One of those life events.


Ah yes, the Digital Dog. I loved the name.

But it sucked the first time I did the podcast (great listenership the first day but that’s all) and it sucked the second time I tried it. It went the way of Sex on the Bulldog, Bulldog Business, Bulldog Food, Bulldog Fashion … no end of things that just didn’t work.

Nathan Thurm
Nathan Thurm







Has anyone noticed how much Watson looks like Martin Short’s character Nathan Thurm?


One of the most popular features on The Bulldog. So much material …

Top 10 Reasons Mayor Jim Watson is sodding the Alexandra Bridge to celebrate 2017:

10. I’m auditioning for Dumb and Dumber;

9.  Katherine Hobbs is channelling her thoughts through my brain;

8. Budget smudget … we’re having a party;

7. If you’re up to your butt in $1.8 billion in debt … wallow in it;

6. Cut snow-plowing to decrease sod-damage repairs;

5. Going to China to discover Mao’s thoughts on sod-service levels;

4. Trying to qualify as judge for Canada’s Stupidest Idea;

3. No Double-A Blue Jays baseball but we’re sodding a bridge;

2. What better way to commemorate Canada’s legalization of dope than with grass;

  1. It was Rick Chiarelli’s idea.

Jim Watson’s Top 10 Tweets That Didn’t Leave China:

10. I like their unanimous votes. A lot of collegiality in government.

9. How do you order out for Chinese here?

8. Just call me Chairman Jim.

7. Wow … look at all the condos. Intensification!

6. Did Mao have a trusty sidekick named Serge?

5. Wonder what the police budget is here?

4. These people sure know how to deal with councillors like Chiarelli.

3. It’s good being this far away from Eugene Melnyk.

2. Hey! I’m the only guy named Jim.

1. I miss the Golden Palace egg rolls.

Top 10 Reasons Jim Watson Cried At Light-Rail Opening

10. Forced to take Bulldog off city blacklist.

9. Found out real price of tunnel.

8. Russ Mills showed up.

7. Eugene Melnyk brought Chris Neil for muscle.

6. Calls Bulldog publisher to get Ken Gray fired. Gray answers phone.

5. Realized he’d be 63 when phase 2 rail built.

4. Someone said rail would be finished PRESTO.

3. Couldn’t skew results of Bulldog poll on least effective council member.

2. Twitter suspended his account.

1. That’s not a tunnel, that’s a sinkhole.

Top 10 Uses For The New Ottawa Sinkhole

10. Library;

9. Condos;

8. Surfing;

7. Place where Councillor Riley Brockington can hide from River ward;

6. Starbucks;

5. Shrine to Mayor Jim Watson’s kidney stones;

4. Big light-rail skylight;

3. Bury city-hall mistakes;

2. Hire lifeguards, use as pool, close Westboro Beach;

  1. Beautifies Rideau Street.

Top 10 things Barrhaven Councillor Jan Harder would want at LeBreton Flats:

10. A Tim Hortons;

9. Three softball diamonds, two soccer fields, one ice pad and a porta-potty named after Pierre Poilievre;

8. A plasma gasificator;

7. A 60-storey building: “It really raises the bar on where Ottawa is going.”

6. World’s largest strip mall: “It really raises the bar on where Ottawa is going.”

5. A landfill: “It really raises the bar on where Ottawa is going.”

4. Put vinyl siding on the war museum;

3. A big honkin’ parking lot;

2. The Hell Cinema Octoplex and Video Arcade;

1. Anything.


10. Did we get the photo op?

9. Is it distracted driving if you’re taking a selfie while operating a snowmobile?

8. You’re not a doctor. You’re Rick Chiarelli.

7. It looked so easy when Evel Knievel did it.

6. There goes the 100 days of silence.

5. It’s my pelvis, Mathieu. Stop pounding on my chest.

4. Was this a NCC trail?

3. What! Acting mayor McKenney raised taxes 25 per cent?

2. Can we blame this on John Baird?

1. It’s not funny, Rick.

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4 thoughts on “Four Years Of The Bulldog (3)

  1. Sex on the Bulldog? That just sounds so wrong. :)

    I do like the top 10 lists.

    I go to Bulldog Canadian every day but I do wish that readers had picked up commenting on it. Alas, it was not to be.

    I go to Bulldog Fetch every day and find some amusing headlines and sometimes there are even thoughtful items there too.

    I miss your Pod-casts. Unscripted responses from the person being interviewed can contain some Freudian slips such as – has the pulse of the city better than anyone I’ve ever met.

    Again, happy anniversary, keep up the good work but most importantly – please continue to enjoy your job ’cause it appears that you do indeed enjoy being a journalist.
    You do the profession honour. Titles do not honour men, men honour the titles and I’m sure your boss will remind you of that every day.


  2. Ken,

    Happy anniversary!

    Wow, what an amazing amount of ground you have covered in four years. It is amusing to walk down memory lane. Much has changed in the city during this time, however, the excellent coverage of The Bulldog has remained constant.

    Please continue to bring the citizens of Ottawa your keen perspective on the local news, especially in these dark days of Mayor Jim Watson’s administration.

    May The Bulldog be blessed with a growing readership. There are few tools in democracy more valuable than the media informing the public about their city and government.

    Ken, thank you for embracing this Internet technology and sharing your professional journalism skills with us. Good communication is a measure of a healthy society.

    All the best for another four years!

    1. Thank you, Sheridan.

      None of this would be possible without the good comments of yourself and others on The Bulldog.

      It’s not my Bulldog, but everyone’s Bulldog.

      And because it is everyone’s Bulldog, I wish you would all share in the dog-walking duties and pick up when the dog sheds.

      Thanks again.




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