Gates, Buffett In A Fascinating Interview



Charlie Rose on Bloomberg Television and PBS is one of the really entertaining and smart shows on television.

What is particularly nice about it is that it is readily available online. Rose has a reputation as a keen interviewer who goes after information rather than winning arguments. You can learn and be entertained by Charlie Rose.

I saved this particular post for Saturday on The Bulldog because readers have more time to tackle the one-hour show.

Microsoft pioneer Bill Gates and Berkshire Hathaway investor extraordinaire Warren Buffett sat down with Rose last month and provide insights that were really opinion-forming. These are very serious people who have found great success and have great concerns and optimism about the future. They too know what threatens the well-being of the world.

This is a fascinating interview that should be require viewing for everyone.

You can access the one-hour show here and I’ve put a teaser for the show at the top of this post:

Watch this full episode by clicking here. For what it’s worth, I don’t think the teaser does the show justice but it is above on this post. Enjoy.

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2 thoughts on “Gates, Buffett In A Fascinating Interview

  1. Several years ago The Oracle of Omaha started talking about taxing the wealthy and giving more back. He brought Mr. Gates and SOME others on board too.

    There is an interesting read at about Mr. Buffet’s pledge to give 99% of his wealth away (after he is dead)

    Charlie Rose is a MUST WATCH program.

  2. It would be ‘interesting’ to get Bill Gates and Warren Buffett in the same room as the current US administration. Unfortunately, I’m sure they have more potentially productive things to do with their time such as meeting with people who will actually listen to them.


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