Gee Whiz Thanks, Donald Trump

Pearl Harbour, 1941.


U.S. President Donald Trump in a somewhat gracious moment said that he “appreciated” Canada standing with his country in the Second World War.

Canada, Britain, France and Poland would have “appreciated” the U.S. stepping in against the worst oppression in modern history in 1939.

In fact, the U.S. didn’t enter the war until it was attacked by Japan in December 1941 … out of self-interest. Meanwhile following that attack, Germany declared war on the U.S., not the other way around.

But we do treasure the appreciation from a lying, racist, family-breaking, dictator-pandering, stupid, power-hungry, bullying, badly-intentioned, philandering, alliance-shredding, incompetent, egotistical draft-dodger.

As Canadians, we thank you.


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4 thoughts on “Gee Whiz Thanks, Donald Trump

  1. Ken. I think you definitely made your point in the second to last paragraph but you forgot to apologize. I have reread the paragraph again and again and don’t see the word “sorry”.


  2. Ken,
    I have two ways to express my feelings when I want to let somebody know what I think of them in regards to your wonderful use of adjectives.

    One is to let it fly with words like the ones you used except I add a whole lotta !@#$%’s.

    The other is to smile and use friendly body-language and a pleasing tone of voice as I compliment them with : I can not say that your ideas are latitudinous, cogent, studied or tactically pratical. I can; however, confidently state that you are, indeed, quite an obtuse chap.

    I guess your way works too.



  3. Our Prime Minister has shown that Canadians can be polite and have back-bone – both at the same time and without bullying.

    I picked up many of my opinions from stories that my father and his war buddies told. They were never complimentary when they told tales of their American Allies.

    I wonder what stories Justin Trudeau picked up from his father. I would especially like to know what his Dad may have said about a 3 minute long-distance phone call that occurred on Oct. 18, 1970. The call was between President Richard Nixon at the White House and Prime Minister Trudeau in Ottawa.

    Our prime minister recalled that his father was happy to call Fidel Castro a friend. I wonder what his Dad thought of Nixon? I would pick Castro over Batista any day. The U.S. did it the other way around.



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