Get Your Garbage Together




This is a release from the City of Ottawa:

The City’s new 12-month waste collection calendar is being delivered by mail to residences across the city this week.

The calendar starts in June 2017 and runs until May 2018. It features information about regular and holiday collections schedules, Giveaway Weekends, Household Hazardous Waste Depot dates and locations, and much more.

Residents can visit to view the calendar online, and sign up to receive weekly collection reminders by email, phone or Twitter. They can also visit the City’s waste explorer tool to learn which items go in the blue, black and green bins.


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6 thoughts on “Get Your Garbage Together

  1. Once upon a time, in a land far far away, the garbage truck came and picked up the garbage from a garbage can.

    That routine evolved into separating recyclable garbage from regular garbage. Then we went to separating the recyclables into plastic, cans and paper and of course I still have regular regular garbage versus hazardous waste garbage. Then they threw in the green bin. Now some of my paper is green bin and some is paper bin and I still have to separate plastic but styrofoam isn’t considered plastic and I still have cans and let us not forget regular garbage.

    So now I hire 12 people to come by and sort my garbage into one of the various 30 or 40 different categories. Love the planet but how about we go back to me putting out my garbage and the garbageman hires people and gets machinery to sort it.

    1. Chaz,

      When we separate all this garbage into different colored bins, where does it go? Is it just a make-work program for the citizens of Ottawa. Anyone have any information on where all the newspapers end up? Or even all this plastic we have sorted out for the city, are we doing anything with it or does it all end up in the same place.

    1. Kosmo,
      I also question the environmental impact of all the driving required to get rid of garbage.
      I just bought a new printer:
      -Cardboard went to the curb as paper.
      -Plastic bag went to the curb as plastic.
      Every garbage day the town sends two separate trucks to the end of my driveway for curb-side pickups.
      -Styrofoam packaging and old printer were driven to the dump by me in my car as they aren’t part of the curb-side allowable garbage.

      Three vehicles to cart away one week’s garbage. Has anyone ever studied the environmental impact of gas, highway use, tires wearing out.

  2. The most efficient was all garbage to the curb once a week, then increased to twice a week during the summer months for our health. Somewhere along the line, the City has forgotten how to ‘keep it simple’.

  3. We were also told, there would be less waste trucks on our streets, not on mine.
    They often show up in tandem and each does every second house, followed by another truck for yard waste on their given weeks. If anything, I have more waste management trucks, not less.

    Now you put your garbage at the curb yourself where it used to be the garbage was retrieved by the garbage men. We also now have by-laws to control your time line for putting out your waste and removing containers after pickup.

    If income is generated by the City in all of these exercises, why is the amount of income from recyclables not reported in the budget report?

    Anne Marie


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