Get Your Ontario Sunshine List 2017 Right Here



The April Fools list of salaries more $100,000 (or the Public Sector Salary Disclosure Act) provided by the Ontario government is listed below:

For all Ontario salaries including those of municipalities, hospitals and colleges , click here.

Please note that the Ontario government site is very slow loading.


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4 thoughts on “Get Your Ontario Sunshine List 2017 Right Here

  1. The most useless, stupid news event of the year. The figure of $100K becomes less meaningful with each passing year, if it ever actually meant anything.

    Since 1996 (when the Harris government instituted this claptrap), cumulative inflation is nearly 50 per cent. The benchmark of $100K has moved not a whit. In 2000, Canada’s median family income was less than $46K. By the 2016 census, it was more than $70K. That’s an increase of more than 30%.

    “It’s growing every year. ” Well, duh. What will the Sunshine List mean when the median income is $90K? Even less than now.

  2. I’d like to disagree with myself, in the wake of this CBC story ( which used the Sunshine List to look at diversity among the highest paid public sector workers in the province, and found that … WOW SHOCKER… they’re overwhelmingly white and have Y chromosomes.

    CBC tally:
    Top 10: one woman, all white.
    Top 25: four women, all white.
    Top 33: five women, one visible minority
    My tally:
    Top 50: six women, four visible minority

    Yup, privilege isn’t a thing at all.

    1. Bob, your conclusion is bang on. At issue is how long it will take to achieve more of a balance. Evolution takes time, which can be frustrating waiting to see results. Revolutions, in contrast, can create change very quickly, but the process usually generates a lot of damage.

      1. Ron:

        Yes indeed. I wonder if the French Revolutionaries expected The Terror?

        It’s like war. Declare it with a purpose, but once the war starts, you never know what will happen except death and carnage.

        Were the Western Allies in fighting Hitler in the Second World War expecting eastern Europe to be oppressed by the Soviet Union for decades?

        Such is the outcome of war.




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