Giant Lizard Disappoints


Well La Machine sure makes good videos. You don’t see so many operators and the lizard looks huge.

Myself and a lot of other people went out to see the lizard and the spider. Your agent stayed at Marion Dewar Place for about 25 minutes checking out the lizard. Joked with an RCMP officer why he wasn’t arresting the lizard for smoking in a city park and we had some fun with that.

Around me people were saying they thought the lizard would be bigger.

Myself, I was disappointed. Yes it was smaller than expected and there were too many operators on the outside of the lizard. When it drove away (yes it was obviously on wheels), the back looked like an RV with a propane tank on it.

Don’t they have computer programs to run these sort of things rather than people outside the beast?

So your agent was underwhelmed.

I went there expecting nine out of 10 and got five out of 10.

That said, the kids seemed to like it.


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7 thoughts on “Giant Lizard Disappoints

  1. Ken,
    Kids have an easier job at looking past the machine driving the robot and the people running it.
    Back in the ’50s I watched Superman and Peter Pan on TV. I swear that I never saw the strings that made Superman and Peter fly. I watched those same shows about 20 years ago and all I could see were the strings.

  2. Bill Carroll (CFRA) was not impressed either. I understand the mayor will not appear on his show. Seems you have two things in common.

      1. Have heard him say that “he tells it as he sees it” and “he carries water for no politician” — music to my ears. Believe Bill Carroll should have you on his show.

  3. I was really disappointed when I saw the spider on Thursday evening. I thought “That’s it!” However I biked downtown to see La Machine on Sunday afternoon and evening. This time, I was really close. At one point, the spider had two legs over and above us. It was fun and great to have some city streets turned over to pedestrians.

  4. OK,
    It would appear the a number of person’s enjoyed this however, the math used to calculate the number of persons who attended is very questionable.
    If in fact there were 750,000 person’s … how many came from out of town and did not pay for this.
    $3.5 million dollars … work it out per person. No ultimate benefit to the city other than the fact that this may have diminished some of the massive negative given with the Canada Day celebrations. How many who were disappointed on that day were in attendance this past weekend?
    I would still have rather seen MY tax money going toward something that gave something permanent for our city or maybe just doing something of use for our citizens … $3.5 million.

    Anne Marie


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