Good Riddance, Ottawa Senators: Toronto Columnist



Here is the Globe and Mail’s Cathal Kelly doing a full Toronto on the Ottawa Senators:

Canadian hockey is robust, even if Canadian NHL teams are not. And if it’s not your team, why would you care? NHL squads are business entities. They thrive or flounder (mostly flounder) on their own merits. Canada’s got nothing to do with it.

The only reason the average fan should be bothered if the Calgary Flames or the Winnipeg Jets are going to figure it out is if he/she is a Flames or Jets fan.

You might also care about Calgary or Winnipeg if you are not from there. By “caring,” I mean actively wishing them ill. If your own team is making you feel terrible, I don’t see any compelling nationalistic reason to wish happiness on someone else’s team. That’s not good manners. It’s masochism.

So this is a useful time of year to remind everyone of the rules of Canadian hockey fandom – you root for Canada, but you do not root for everyone playing hockey in Canada. Those are two different things.

In that spirit, congratulations to the Ottawa Senators from the rest of Canada. What a marvellous season.

Also, good riddance. We still don’t like you and the Prime Minister can’t make us.

Your agent saw this as a very exciting playoff run by the Ottawa Senators.

The team gave its all with a lot of injured bodies and took the Stanley Cup champion Pittsburgh Penguins to the absolute limit … one goal difference in double overtime in the seventh game of the Eastern Conference championship.

If you can’t get excited about that, are you a hockey fan?

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5 thoughts on “Good Riddance, Ottawa Senators: Toronto Columnist

  1. Them’s fightin’ words. But then, if you live in the realm of the Maple Leafs, I suppose you could be excused for your delusions. ;-)

  2. But Canada is celebrating 150 years of Confederation while The Maple Leafs are celebrating 50 years since they competed for Lord Stanley’s Cup. The Ottawa Senators on the other hand competed for the cup only 10 years past and came oh so close again this year. I consider Ottawa to have had the second best NHL team based on who they lost to, Pens first and Preds third. One Bronx cheer for Kelly and Toronto.

    1. Bruce, thank you for putting this in perspective. To be clear, the Maple Leafs have not made it to the Stanley Cup finals over the course of the last third of Canada’s history. No wonder a journalist of little consequence at the self styled national newspaper of the Centre of the Universe is so bitter.

  3. Using a little tongue-in-cheek, just follow the tradition from the TV show Corner Gas. Say the other town’s name, make a face and spit. :)

  4. One should not get overly concerned about the opinion of a journalist writing for the self described national newspaper of Toronto.


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