Harder On LeBreton: Top 10 List



Ahh, planning committee chairwoman Jan Harder. Yes, Jan Harder.

Glebe residents weep when they hear that name.

For Harder has that suburban ethos. Build big things all over the place as long as everyone has a driveway, a garage, four lanes of open road and a backyard.

Doesn’t matter how it looks or how it affects neighbourhoods outside her beloved mecca of autos, Barrhaven. Global warming? Piffle.

She so symbolizes Barrhaven the locals call the community Janhaven. She’s the Ottawa woman most likely to become Hazel McCallion … 30 years from now.

So The Bulldog decided to conduct a non-scientific experiment: What would Jan Harder want at LeBreton Flats? Fortunately the vacant lot is under the purview of the National Capital Commission. But we think it’s still worth considering.

The Top 10 list is below:

Top Ten things Barrhaven Councillor Jan Harder would want at LeBreton Flats:

10. A Tim Hortons;

9. Three softball diamonds, two soccer fields, one ice pad and a porta-potty named after Pierre Poilievre;

8. A plasma gasificator;

7. A 60-storey building: “It really raises the bar on where Ottawa is going.”

6. World’s largest strip mall: “It really raises the bar on where Ottawa is going.”

5. A landfill: “It really raises the bar on where Ottawa is going.”

4. Put vinyl siding on the war museum;

3. A big honkin’ parking lot;

2. The Hell Cinema Octoplex and Video Arcade;

1. Anything.

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