Here’s Some Heroic Police Work, Your Worship

When Mayor Jim Watson told police officers that if they weren’t happy in Ottawa, they should go elsewhere, maybe he forgot the good work our first responders do.

When Watson got into a Twitter spat recently with a police officer, perhaps he was unaware of some of the things our officers face.

Or maybe we need a mayor with some empathy and maturity.

What you see below is one great piece of police work in the midst of a horrible situation. The office captured the suspect alive. An amazing accomplishment.

At times there is good reason to criticize the police when the force or an individual makes a bad mistake. That happens.

But our first responders deserve our respect. And if you need to know why, watch the video below.

Maybe our mayor saw this video. We hope so.




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One thought on “Here’s Some Heroic Police Work, Your Worship

  1. It’s a sad commentary that when a police officer does what he’s supposed to do, we call it “amazing”. Have we really lost that much faith in the police and lowered our expectations so far that we anticipated the suspect would be cut down in a hail of bullets?
    Isn’t what Officer Lam did the way these things are meant to go? To Serve and Protect.


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