Here’s The Skinny On Noise Bylaw Review


The city sent this message along concerning what is being considered in the noise bylaw review in response to an inquiry from The Bulldog.

The noise bylaw was amended a few years ago by a walk-on motion by Mayor Jim Watson and former Kitchissippi councillor Katherine Hobbs to allow the Lansdowne and Westboro convent projects extra work time.

Note that construction times and exemptions are under reconsideration in this noise-bylaw review. Developers will be concerned about those and no doubt will want rules loosened.

Some other likely controversial parts are snow-removal noise, festival noise and wind chimes.

Wind chimes?

Here’s the info:

Good day Ken,

Here’s the answer to your question which can be attributed to Roger Chapman, Manager, Bylaw and Regulatory Services:

The issues under consideration with respect to the Noise By-law, which emanate from the 2015 Council-approved By-law Review Strategy report, include:

·         Low Frequency Noise and Vibration (Bass Noise)

·         Construction Times

·         Construction Exemptions

·         Snow Clearing/Removal from Private Properties

·         Waste (Garbage) Removal

·         Festivals and Events

·         Motorcycles

·         Car Alarms

·         Wind Chimes

Full details, and an on-line survey, are available at: no-2004-253/review-city- ottawas-noise-law





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4 thoughts on “Here’s The Skinny On Noise Bylaw Review

  1. They missed barking dogs, howling cats, chirping birds and in the rural areas mooing cows and other farm noises such as tractors working all night to harvest crops before winter sets in.

  2. Personally speaking, could someone do something about that noise that my car makes when I apply the breaks and that squeal from the alternator belt drives me nuts too. Wind chimes really?
    There otta be a law.

  3. What details regarding possible changes are going to be given to the general public?
    Why are there so few ‘public consultation meetings’ being presented in only a limited region?
    No. 1: Why start now?
    No. 2: Because they have already decided what they are going to do and this is just one more attempt to appease the taxpayers so they can say it was done.

    Anne Marie


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