Here’s Why Karlsson Will Leave The Sens


We all saw star Ottawa Senators’ defenceman Erik Karlsson pick the puck up off the ice in his last game of the season.

We saw the team picture with Karlsson sitting as far away from owner Eugene Melnyk as possible.

Now former Sens great Daniel Alfredsson says he would like to see a new owner of the team.


Erik Karlsson picks up his last puck as an Ottawa Senator.


You will remember that Alfredsson left the Sens for Detroit because he could get better money, he felt a salary promise was not kept and he wanted a Stanley Cup.

Then Alfredsson mysteriously left Senators’ management.

Alfredsson is Karlsson’s mentor. The young player lived in Alfredsson’s house when he moved to Ottawa. He babysat the former Sens children.

You have to know the advice Alfredsson is giving Karlsson about staying with the Sens. Leave.

This pretty much means Karlsson’s departure from the Sens is a lock.

And that might not be so bad. Karlsson after his major foot surgery is not the player he was.

Late in the year he was coming around offensively but defensively he was one of the worst players in the NHL.

Furthermore by the time the Senators are ready to contend, Karlsson will be on the downside of his career. Some players don’t decline … they fall off a cliff when it comes to performance.

You want to bet $70 million on a guy with a gimpy foot? Good luck.

Alfredsson’s comments and other evidence ensure Karlsson is gone. The fans won’t like that but the smart move is not to re-sign him.

Get some draft choices for the defenceman and rebuild. The Karlsson era is over.


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6 thoughts on “Here’s Why Karlsson Will Leave The Sens

  1. Generally I agree with the notion that Karlsson is basically gone, but I don’t think Karlsson is done as a player, he absolutely has a few more seasons in him. All that we witnessed last season was a player who came back from surgery way too soon, he should never have been in the lineup during the first half of the season. With a full off season of training and a proper training camp he’ll resemble his old self – except that he’ll be in the wrong uniform.

    1. Duke, buddy:

      I didn’t know you had a medical degree in your back pocket.

      Here’s what I do know … I’m not going to risk $60 million to $80 million for one of the worst plus-minuses in the league and a gimpy leg.

      Too big a bet, methinks, and I don’t doubt Melnyk feels the same way.

      You’ll hear the biggest outcry since The Great One left Edmonton.

      But at least with Gretzky, you knew he’d still be The Great One.

      Jury is out on Karlsson now.

      If the Sens let Karlsson go, they’re doing the right thing.

      Loved watching him. Was a great player. Might still be.

      But too big a chance.



  2. The only surprise in this was that Daniel Alfredsson made such candid comments. As an NHL player, and in particular a captain, he has had a lot of media training, and a lot of experience in not answering questions.

    Was it a momentary slip up, or was it part of a bigger plan? Let the conspiracy theorists debate the topic. Only one request, don’t update us on the combinations and permutations of those discussions.

  3. Don’t bother making a comment when it comes to politics or sports … no one wants to hear it and they will not even listen to it. Everyone has already made their minds up.

    Yes, I commented because, no discussion ensues when it comes to either of the aforementioned and that I am now a “occasional contributor”, I wanted to state why.

    1. Anne Marie:

      You’re not an occasional contributor. You’re No. 7 on the top 10 list.

      We appreciate your comments.



    2. Anne Marie,
      I always liked your comments. Please don’t stop. If you present an idea that is all that is needed. A bunch of comments from various contributors don’t usually get any direct responses. Presenting your thought on a subject can never be unworthy.


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