High-Rise Report: Find The Parliament Buildings


Here are two views of our national symbol of democracy, the Parliament Buildings.

The top photo is one I took on Canada Day a few years ago.

The bottom photo is how city planning envisages the Parliament Buildings under its new high-rise regime:


Here is a clean vista of our great national symbol, the Parliament Buildings.


This from the high-rise report. Parliament Buildings? What Parliament Buildings? And look at all those landmark buildings. A bunch of grey and beige boxes. The planning department has seen the future and this is it.


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6 thoughts on “High-Rise Report: Find The Parliament Buildings

  1. Democracy and the Parliament Buildings both obliterated by the City of Ottawa planning department. Congratulations to all those who have steadfastly ignored the citizens and their rights as property owners, while offering concierge service to the fat-cat developers.


  2. My vocablalarry ain’t sew good so I had ta look up one of them words under the 2nd picktur.

    Who wrote – “varied fenestration pattern”? I guess that’s one way of saying it.



  3. Maybe I’m picky on details like spelling but I immediately noticed colour was mispelled, which makes me wonder if the planning dept wrote (or even read) this report.


    1. K.A.

      Trying to spirit this report through the municipal government so the public wouldn’t notice is disgusting.

      The content more so.

      It was also released before a long weekend so there is one less day for the public to learn about it in an already rush scenario.

      What this does is speaks loudly to the lack of ethics of the mayor, council, the planning department, the city manager and city staff.

      This is much more disgusting that the snow plowing cuts city hall tried to spirit through on Canada Day weekend.

      City hall is a moral quagmire. It’s where democracy goes to die.




  4. It looks like they don’t understand the meaning of “back drop”. It seems that, in their dictionary, it means “buildings used for a near-obliteration of a focal point from view”. The back drop is supposed to be behind the object that is the focus of attention, not virtually blocking it from sight. These ‘planners’ are obviously graduates of the Robert Campeau School of Visible Sight Lines.
    Plus there’s a “u” in “colour”.


    1. The Voter:

      It’s hard to believe but true.

      The people who form the community that is The Bulldog care more about this city than the people who are paid handsomely to care about this city.

      And one wonders how much the media in this city care about the city. Neither CBC nor the Citizen covered the meeting about this report.

      The Citizen I can understand (sort of) because of its intimate advertising ties with the development industry (the main reason I left the Citizen was those too tight of ties between advertisers and the newspaper). But the CBC? Really?




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