High-Rise Vote Was Unanimous At Committee


The vote is below on the Ottawa High-Rise Report at May 8 planning committee:


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8 thoughts on “High-Rise Vote Was Unanimous At Committee

  1. 70/30 means an issue is not supported by everyone but at least a good chunk of the voters say they are okay with the action.

    A vote 51/49 means an issue is contentious and a slim majority say they are okay with the action.

    Unanimous always means that something stinks.



  2. I realize you need to pick your battles with council, but the optics of this are just awful.
    That’s unfortunate for Kitchissippi Councillor Jeff Leiper. He’s been on the wrong side of too many issues recently to be assured of my vote come October.
    Fortunately for him, there isn’t anyone of substance running against him yet.


  3. Some interesting names in the list, especially Chiarelli. Something’s going on that we don’t know about. Is the city pulling the same kind of stunt it did with Lansdowne? If your councillor’s name is not in the list I assume he or she was not expected to vote on this issue. However, there is no excuse for them to blame the others. They know what’s at risk and should, no, are expected to, speak up.

    Bruce. Don’t just remember the 10 listed above, remember them all.


  4. I thought more about the picture associated with this article and the fact Rick Chiarelli’s name appears with a “yes” beside it. Contributors always seem to write positively about him in their articles, he has a prominent place for an ad (front an centre on the main page), and one of the discussion topics was “Can Rick Chiarelli save the election”? As the commenters have noted the optics are bad for him here.

    I’m sure someone in his office reads the Bulldog regularly and report issues, articles, etc concerning him. I think the Bulldog should approach him for an exclusive interview and find out what happened here. (In my dreams eh, Ron Benn.)


    1. Sisco, I am confident that The Bulldog is part of the regular reading list for many councillors and their assistants, including Councillor Rick Chiarelli.

      As for me reaching out the councillor on this matter, suffice it to say that there have been times when the councillor and the Centrepointe Community Association do not see eye to eye on issues, and he is well aware of what those issues were and are.


    2. Sisco:

      I reached out to Rick Chiarelli and he said he would explain his vote in a post soon.




      1. Thanks Ron and Ken. I look forward to Mr Chiarell’s comments. The optics here for him are not good. As has been said many times “a picture’s worth a thousand words” and the picture accompanying your very short article speaks volumes.


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