HNIC Must Hate Ottawa Hockey Fans



Does Hockey Night In Canada hate Ottawa?

It makes you wonder because the Toronto-based operation inflicts announcer Bob Cole on the television viewers of this city.

Cole, an icon of Canadian hockey broadcasting, has long been a Toronto homer and has trouble naming the Senators (who Cole calls “the Ottawa Sens” which no one familiar with the team refers to them as). He mentions more names of Senators in the offensive zone presumably because he can see the names on the back of the jersey.

Cole will recognize Boston’s “Big Chara” because the 40-year-old is huge. He gets named anywhere on the ice.

As for insights into the game, best you wait for the colour man because Cole will give these obvious observations or just odd conclusions.

The best man for calling the Sens is Dean Brown who puts a lot of knowledge and much spirit into the TSN 1200 radio broadcast. Brown should be in the TV booth, not Cole. At least viewers will learn something.

Years ago when Cole called a Senators game on TV, your agent would bring a portable radio into the room and listen to the play-by-play of the game from there. The picture and sound are a little bit off but the radio guys have to interest their audience with good information because they don’t have a picture.

Without doing so purposely, the producers of Hockey Night are saying what your agent is saying by putting Cole on the No. 2 or 3 series this spring. They know the complaints and don’t have him calling the No. 1 audience playoff series with the Toronto Maple Leafs because of the problems, some of which are outlined above, in his call. Were HNIC confident with Cole, he’d be describing his beloved Leafs.

Cole has had an outstanding career. Sometimes you just need to know when to retire.



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11 thoughts on “HNIC Must Hate Ottawa Hockey Fans

  1. My family used to “watch” the Cole games on any other channel or in French while listening to the game broadcast by Dean. Such was our ire and we along with many others voiced our opinion to CBC about best-before dates CBC lost some great announcers but has kept others. Why?

  2. Perhaps we should try to crowd source a retirement fund for Mr. Cole. I suspect we could raise $100,000 in Ottawa by Saturday evening, and if it went nation-wide, Mr. Cole could be sitting on $1 million by the end of the first round.

    1. Ron:

      “And then the Senators player shoots it down the ice. The Senators certainly look like they’re in trouble. If teams start shooting the puck down the ice, they’re usually in big trouble. The Ottawa Sens are in big trouble and here comes Big Chara onto the ice. That’s more trouble.

      “Oh look, now an Ottawa player has taken a penalty. Looks like it was hooking or tripping or something. The Ottawa player has certainly put the Ottawa Sens in trouble. Wonder why a Bruin looks like he is going to the penalty box? Oh baby, this is a big break for the Ottawa Sens. It’s on the Bruins. Who saw that coming?

      “Whaddaya think, Harry? Harry? Harry Neale? … Where are you? How long has Harry Neale been gone?”

      Sound familiar?



  3. Don’t forget “Oh Baby!” – he throws that one around when the action speeds up and he’s lost for words. He also likes “dasher boards”, which is like saying frozen ice.
    He’s a useless old mule 30 years past his best before date. Kinda like the Bulldog :)

    1. No Name Commenter:

      Hmmm. Liked your comment until the last sentence. Wonder why?

      BTW I threw an Oh Baby in there which I guess you missed. Funny you missed that.

      That’s the sort of thing I might do … being past my best-before date as I am.



    2. Dear Anonymous,
      It’s interesting the Bulldog has such a large following if he’s so out of touch. What’s your following like?

  4. Boy, you Sens fans are such whiners. We Habs fans had to put up with Cole all season. We don’t even get the French option on weekends or playoffs any more. Go Habs.

  5. We have suffered far too many games with Cole announcing. He knows TO players, let him announce their games and leave us alone.
    Anne Marie


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