Hospital, Grit MPPs Reject Tunney’s Site


This evening the board of The Ottawa Hospital rejected Tunney’s Pasture as the site of the new Civic campus.

Below is a release from Ottawa-area Liberal MPPs rejecting the Tunney’s site as well.

The release is below:

Over the last 10 years there has been a crane at every hospital in Ottawa, and we remain committed to investing in health care in Ottawa and across the province. We have been working with The Ottawa Hospital on the development of a new Civic Campus. A new Civic Campus is critical to the future healthcare needs of our growing city and our aging population.

Late last week the National Capital Commission (NCC) made a recommendation to the Federal Minister of Canadian Heritage that Tunney’s Pasture be used as the future site for The Ottawa Hospital’s new Civic Campus.

We believe that local decision making is critical and we fully support The Ottawa Hospital Board as it responds to the NCC’s recommendation in moving the new Civic Campus forward.

Our concerns are in line with what has been previously expressed by various community leaders surrounding access, cost to public purse and risk of a lengthy delay.

This is a significant investment in our healthcare system and the quality of life for all Ottawa residents. It is extremely important that we get it right to avoid lengthy delays to the rollout of this project, and we believe that this recommendation needs to be reconsidered.

Bob Chiarelli, MPP, Ottawa West-Nepean

Yasir Naqvi, MPP, Ottawa Centre

John Fraser, MPP, Ottawa South

Marie-France Lalonde, MPP, Ottawa-Orléans

Nathalie Des Rosiers, MPP, Ottawa-Vanier



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2 thoughts on “Hospital, Grit MPPs Reject Tunney’s Site

  1. It would have been helpful if they had explained their concerns instead of telling us they were “in line” with what unnamed others said.


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