Hospital Or Farm? What’s Best? Digital Dog


Today Alf Chaiton of Tweedsmuir Consultants looks at the conflict between a new Ottawa Hospital campus and the Central Experimental Farm where the hospital would like to move.

Chaiton talks with The Bulldog’s Ken Gray.

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2 thoughts on “Hospital Or Farm? What’s Best? Digital Dog

  1. These are not mutually exclusive. Can do both. Only CAVEAT is that putting the hospital on a tiny corner of the farm should not open the gates for the developers who just cant stand to see open land.
    Years ago we visited a friend who had a cottage and while looking at the open land and trees all around, all he could say was: What a shame. So many cottages and condos could go up in all that “empty ” space. Different values.


  2. I believe that it will not be too long before there are no public parking lots downtown, namely that downtown parking will mostly be underground parking; some street parking at a hourly rate will also exist. Albeit, the city could get rid of their parking towers — the city opened a new one (141 vehicle capacity) last October on Second Avenue in the Glebe.

    An example of dividing up the hospital campus for different services is the Riverside Hospital. This hospital was kept for specialty clinics, out-patient services, research labs, and doctor offices. The Riverside is also directly connected to the Transitway (Riverside Station).

    Alas, the Grace Hospital was not so lucky as the Riverside and was closed in the 1990s (converted to a nursing home: The Grace Manor). Was closing the Grace Hospital a mistake?

    Anyway, I would argue that the new Civic Hospital should not be a mega-hospital, but rather it should keep close to its present size and have more campus satellites (like a hospital branch in Barrhaven). Let us not forget that the city is expanding southwards; the centre of the city is not only moving westwards, but southwards.


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