How Do You Rate City Staff’s Performance? Bulldog Poll



International Civil Service Effectiveness index has rated Canada’s federal public servants as the best in the world.

Among other characteristics the public service is rated on training, efficiency, representation and openness.

So what kind of job do you think the City of Ottawa’s public service is doing?

Here’s your chance to rate it below:


This Bulldog Poll voting has closed. See Thursday’s Bulldog for the final results. Thank you for participating.


If you want to expand on the reasons for your vote, use the comment box below.


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3 thoughts on “How Do You Rate City Staff’s Performance? Bulldog Poll

  1. The problem with a question like this one is that we’re judging the whole of Ottawa’s bureaucracy. I know some of the front line staff I deal with regularly are exemplary, but when I look at City Hall all I see is a disaster so all they get is an ‘average’ from me.

  2. Ken,
    That question could be expanded.
    There is a vast difference between the civil servants that do the actual work versus the management.

    The people that drive the buses, plow the roads, provide drinking water etc. are probably doing their jobs at a good to average level.

    However; at the other end of the spectrum is the staff that got you Orgaworld, Mooney’s Bay, paint on the roads as barriers, Lansdowne, Plasco and your choo-choo train.

  3. I agree. Some good, some bad. Current experience with bylaw is frustrating. Made a complaint. Bylaw said they would fix it. And they did. But then the neighbours went and did the same thing again. Bylaw didn’t follow up. So I made a new complaint. Bylaw said they would fix it. Same story. Problem still ongoing and am getting tired of dealing with lacklustre bylaw.


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