How Low Can It Get At City Hall?


“Why is it taking you so long to die? They keep feeding you too much food or what?”

A friend of mine maintains that “people are overrated.” That all the talk of noble works of man are dwarfed by stupidity and hate.

“Why is it taking you so long to die?” This said to a helpless woman in a long-term-care home by a personal support worker.

Here is a woman facing the crisis of her life, and she is being asked why she hasn’t died yet.

If humans are so noble, why can’t residents of these homes be treated properly without making their lives a living hell. Even in their last days. Support worker? What support?

And this was done by an employee who knew he was being recorded? What happens in the other rooms with no cameras?

The home management responded to the daughter’s complaint by limiting her visits. Good grief.

Memo to home management: Do you see why the daughter was concerned? You took the easy way out. Not only did you blow her off, you limited her ability to see her mother as her days grow short.

In other words, management didn’t care. It chose convenience over what is the right thing to do.

Where else doesn’t management care? Where else does management take the convenient way out?

So what is occurring in other homes? In other city departments? Just how has such incompetence and bad-will has been allowed to fester?

Take, as ever, light rail. Overpaying by $3.2 billion on a line that doesn’t get to Kanata and Barrhaven, having to pay for the Vimy Memorial Bridge when in the first contract it was part of the light-rail deal, creating two dangerous and life-threatening sinkholes and tunnelling the line down a park where no one lives.

If the city can get LRT that badly wrong … its star project …, what else is going on?

Not only in long-term-care homes but everywhere. God knows what else. If you see blatant bad contact when employees are being watched, just how bad is it getting at the city?

Councillors and the mayor are quick to point fingers at staff, which is partly correct, but what of our elected representatives? Why did the mayor not know? Why didn’t council know? They are supposed to be the check on staff. Some check.

If you are not collegial or following the blind herd that is a large part of this council, you are told you are not a leader and not working in a cooperative manner with your peers.

From the long-term-care homes, we see what collegiality has wrought. Poor governance and laziness. Perhaps the mayor should be spending more time in his office and less time on his perpetual re-election campaign.

Why did he not know about the situation in the long-term-care homes? Governing is not supposed to be Happy Town news releases and tea parties. Governance is hard. Don’t keep your eyes peeled and you get the culture in the long-term-care homes. The action of the above personal support worker was barbaric.

So are people “overrated”? Maybe.

But at present what looks to be horribly overrated is the mayor, city council and senior management.

The people of this city need to elect in 2018 a smart, hard-working mayor and council who will clean this disgusting mess up.

It is bad enough that taxpayers see outrageous waste, now we see such incompetence that helpless elderly people are being hurt.

How low does it get?



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One thought on “How Low Can It Get At City Hall?

  1. One doesn’t need to be an angel but empathy will help to get one closer to being a better person.

    Busy, busy, busy, busy … hello boys, where are my blinders?

    from a curmudgeon and an atheist but still hopeful Chaz


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