How The Media Handled Trump’s “Sh–hole” Comment


NBC apologized for using the word ‘sh–hole’ in one of its report but it knowingly used it.

CNN just used it.

The Globe and Mail simply did the same.

The humble Bulldog used the word in the headline to this post with offending letters cut out. As well, in a topic on The Bulldog Forum, your agent used “sh–hole”.

Your agent was not comfortable doing that but the extent of Trump’s disgusting comment can’t be illustrated without using the profanity. I have fought hard to keep The Bulldog a decent place to participate and have cut out many foul words to ensure that. For that I have been criticized mightily.

Did I do the right thing with ‘sh–hole’? I’d like to hear from readers on that.



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2 thoughts on “How The Media Handled Trump’s “Sh–hole” Comment

  1. Accuracy and truthfulness are of equal import when reporting the news. Sometimes one has to use words with which we are uncomfortable in order to achieve the results.

  2. Nope. Should have said it. If Trump uses the N-word in 2018, are media going to do him the favour of “The President then used an offensive word to describe African-Americans?”


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