How To Deal With Internet Idiots

Liberal pundit Warren Kinsella has put up with more than his share of trolls.

Over the past two decades he has been on the Internet he has found his ways of dealing with them in a variety of ingenious ways.

With the good, of course, comes the bad.

The trolls. The haters. The defamers. The stalkers. Because they have no life – they tend to be unattractive, unsuccessful, unemployed men, between 30 and 55, who are consummate losers – the online world is where they live.

They have all sorts of fake names: Bocanut, Sattva, Skippy, others. They come and go, but one thing is constant: they hate. They live to make others feel lousy.

Fortunately for readers of The Bulldog, they don’t have to put up with these one-thought wonders. I do.

And when I do through moderation, they respond by calling me a censor and much, much worse. Censor is popular and particularly stupid. I fight to get comments on The Bulldog, not off it. You have to work very hard and show amazing bad judgment to get a comment killed on The Bulldog. In fact, The Bulldog was created to facilitate comment, not stop it.



We had one fellow whose comments kept appearing on The Bulldog despite the fact they were divisive and rude. Still your agent found ways of getting them on without offending the readership of The Bulldog. Of course despite not  being censored, the troll calls me a censor. I am putting comments on The Bulldog accusing me of censoring which isn’t true but I publish them anyway. Rather generous perhaps.

Then with great fanfare he announces on a social network that he is leaving The Bulldog because the proprietor here missed a chance to bring people together. Then the troll comes back to The Bulldog. What goes through these people’s minds?

Kinsella describes the situation much better than I do.

To read his good column and the advice he has to deal with the evil on the Internet, click here.


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2 thoughts on “How To Deal With Internet Idiots

  1. One commenter, The Voter if I’m not mistaken, or maybe Bob LeDrew (?), noted a few weeks ago that he no longer attends sites where name-calling and other immature comments are made (I believe he used the term libtard as an example). I agree that these sites are boring and prefer to visit the Bulldog where intelligent articles and commentaries take place. I comment frequently and I’m sure some readers roll their eyes at them periodically (and in a few instances I’ve been put in my place), but it’s nice to have a forum where an opportunity to comment intelligently is available.


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