How To Get Ottawa’s Most Popular Person’s Support


Give him the key to the city.

Yesssireee, Bob how can you say no to Mayor Jim Watson when he recently gave you the key to the city.

So former Ottawa Senator Daniel Alfredsson got up at a Watson rally on the weekend to pledge his support to the mayor.

And you know, that comes from an authority on municipal politics because we know how many times Alfredsson has stepped into the breach on city-hall debates.

It’s hard not to have respect for Alfredssson given what he has done for the city, his hockey team and his support for mental-health solutions.

But municipal politics … maybe not.

How do Watson supporters feel about it? See the video below:



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One thought on “How To Get Ottawa’s Most Popular Person’s Support

  1. As a resident of the city of Ottawa (I assume he still is), Daniel Alfredsson has the right to associate himself with whomever he pleases. However, in my opinion he should be careful that he’s remembered for the contribution he made as a Hall of Fame professional hockey player and not as a political puppet.


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