How To Re-Use CTC: Top 10 List



The Canadian Tire Centre will be without a hockey team if the Senators move to LeBreton Flats.

So by way of a Top 10 list, we discover what city planners envisage the giant arena could be used for when its main occupant leaves.


10. Rename it Canadian Bake-Sale Centre;

9. Sod it;

8. Make CTC, Parliament Buildings and Ottawa airport throw-ins on Karlsson’s next contract;

7. Senators can play there when Watson screws up LeBreton deal;

6. Jan Harder Memorial Tim Hortons Drive-Thru;

5. Red Bull Snowmobile Cross;

4. Shoe-horn Watson’s ego into it for storage;

3. Splash pad;

2. Declare it heritage, let it rot, then demolish it;

1. If all else fails, condos … what else?


Video above: A tour of the Canadian Tire Centre.


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5 thoughts on “How To Re-Use CTC: Top 10 List

  1. Ken,
    Now that’s funny!!! ( You relayed a tale a while back about using exclamation marks and them being reserved only for the second coming. I’ll use 5 for that. I only used 3 here )

    On a more serious side, perhaps the Salvation Army could use it. Who knows where this airport authority OMB challenge is going to end up?


  2. Probably #7.
    Or, with Watson’s magnificent negotiation skills, once he gets the Senators moved to LeBreton, he will negotiate a second NHL team for Ottawa (or a pro team of some sort) and they can use the CTC.

  3. Ken,
    #7 is probably the most likely.

    On a serious note, another use could be making it into the casino Senators owner Eugene Melnyk wanted. The problem with a casino is the fact that regular, steady traffic jams would be constant instead of being at their worse on concert and game nights.

    Anne Marie

    1. To: Anne Marie
      A casino sounds good and people ‘up the valley’ would love it. Casinos have their own little buses to pick up customers which could be worked into the contract and avoid constant traffic jams.

  4. Maybe they can turn it into a hostel so, when we invite the world to come visit us, they don’t have to camp out in a community centre parking lot.


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