How To Rig The Water Fee

A person even more cynical than me in the environs of Ottawa City Hall explains how the storm-water flat tax can be used to carve down the operating deficit.

Water and its infrastructure is paid for by your water bill and taxes.

If you raise revenue from the water bill, fewer taxes must be applied to the water side of the city.

Already water bills have been raised recently by six and seven per cent. Now a flat tax on top of that. Now this is not to say that water infrastructure isn’t expensive, but fewer taxes into water mean a more palatable deficit. It’s a way around raising property taxes.

Who might want that?

And just in case you are wondering, that’s how “fairness” operates at Ottawa City Hall.

Who is representing the taxpayer on Laurier Avenue? My “fairness” bill is getting pretty high.

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3 thoughts on “How To Rig The Water Fee

  1. Remember when Ottawa was strongly encouraging people to be more water use conscious … to conserve?

    Then when those same citizens did conserve, Ottawa found the revenues from direct sales of water and the city’s own refurbishment of old pipes caused the city to have a surplus. That means they had the ability to overproduce which says the revenue forecast was off. Also the sewer part which is a percentage of water use was off too.

    Action by the city….raise rates for water to compensate for THEIR mistakes. Ramifications to the employees who goofed … NONE. To you the property owner six and seven per cent increases. This is another tax same as the province has done with an additional fuel tax and booze and smoke tax. Ontario and Ottawa are in lockstep but neither realize the average Joe simply is tapped out.

    Let’s figure a way to stop and rescind these crippling taxes


    1. Bruce:

      My own feeling is that this is a way to deal with the mismanagement that resulted in the $42 million operating budget deficit.

      It is a way the mayor can continue to give Ottawans a two-per-cent tax increase while raising money for the shortfall through the new water tax.

      There is nothing fair about this. This is a ruse to cover municipal financial mismanagement.




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