How Watson Handled Doucet Running: Top 10 List




Mayor Jim Watson was surprised as the rest of us when at the last second, Clive Doucet decided to run.

The former city councillor decided to take on Watson because he felt civic issues needed debate.

So here’s how Watson reacted at Doucet’s candidacy by way of the Top 10 List:


What Mayor Jim Watson Said About Clive Doucet’s Decision To Run.

10. Golly … Dooset haz book larnin’;

9. Doucet can’t play the pelvis card;

8. My fake Twitter followers don’t like him;

7. Is there any more room under the bus?

6. He’s not bland enough;

5. Eek … Doucet backs flat roads;

4. Screw elections, power-mad mayor for life;

3. Oh no. Three months of acting like I care;

2. Well at least he isn’t that Chiarelli idiot;

1. One word: Chapstick.


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