How Watson Loses Next Election

Frequent Bulldog contributor Randy Gordon has the slate set for the 2018 municipal election:

Would love to see this. Former Ottawa Centre MP Paul Dewar takes on Watson and Bob Plamondon runs on the right.

The vote is split and Watson is out. Hope Jimbo gets his train ride in.


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4 thoughts on “How Watson Loses Next Election

  1. Could just be a recipe for splitting the vote and Watson comes up the middle to win. 30% goes to the right, 30% goes to the left and 40% stays with Watson.

    As well, Dewer may find that Watson’s 2% cap on taxes plays far better in the suburbs and rural areas than does Paul’s NDP tax and spend philosophy. By burying himself in the NDP and Broadbent Institute since losing the Federal election, Dewar has not done much to raise his profile in areas of the City that aren’t traditionally NDP. Riding on the family name may not be enough.


  2. One might ponder whether there would be a three way split.

    Might not the latest nursing home scandal be the straw that breaks the camel’s back?
    Or, will it just be another drop of water rolling off the duck’s back?

    Maybe only Ottawans can answer that question.


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