How Will The Snow-Plowing Go?



Well here we go.

We’re getting the first big blast of winter and expect a gruesome commute Monday morning.

But this snowfall won’t just be a test of drivers’ will but also of the snow-removing prowess of the City of Ottawa.

Last year’s first storm caught city staff flat-footed and raised questions about the city’s plowing effectiveness. Then around Canada Day weekend, the Watson administration tried to cut back the plowing budget.

One person who will be watching this is College Councillor Rick Chiarelli, Nepean’s guru of all things snow.

You can expect him to be dominating the media over the next couple of days as the snow piles up.

What happens with this storm is really a measure of Mayor Jim Watson. There was a problem last year for the first snowfall and it is his job to fix it. Last season he just turtled on the issue, leaving the dirty work to Councillor Keith Egli.

Maybe Riley Brockington wasn’t the first councillor to be thrown under the bus by Watson. Or rather, the snowplow.

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6 thoughts on “How Will The Snow-Plowing Go?

  1. An equally important question is: how will the city afford this snow-plowing?

    City council seems to be filled with climate deniers, namely people who do not believe that Ottawa experiences long winters with periods of snowfall. And therefore, they have underfunded the snow budget for many years — they even contemplated reducing the snow-clearing budget by $6-million this year.

    Maybe it is time for Mayor Jim Watson to declare a city emergency every time Ottawa gets a heavy snowfall. And thus, have the federal government send in the army to clear our streets and sidewalks of snow. Really, how would that be very different from how Watson deals with other city financial problems?

  2. Just waiting to hear that these storms won’t be as much of a problem once LRT opens – it’s going to fix all our other road-related issues after all.


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