Hubley’s Mysterious Campaign Contributor: Bulldog Exclusive


Who knew that Kanata South Councillor Allan Hubley moved in these kinds of exotic circles?

If you check Hubley’s campaign donation documentation from 2010, you’ll see a name Nathan Jacobson on it (the document is below).

Jacobson donated to the limit of individual contributions in municipal campaigns at the time, a modest $750.


But Jacobson has led one of the most extraordinary lives that a Canadian could … both good and bad. He had connections among the highest ranking federal Conservatives, had been ushered into the offices of the presidents of Russia and Syria, had the U.S. government withdraw a guilty plea for money laundering (but the U.S. government kept a $4.5-million fine he paid in relation to the charges), had acted as an unofficial envoy of Israel in trying to find a peace agreement with Syria, had acted for the Mossad, was a noted philanthropist, had business interests from Canada to Central America to Russia, had Canadian cabinet-minister friends and had a run-in with CSIS.

That’s just the tops of the waves.

And there he is on Hubley’s 2010 campaign contribution sheet. Of all people, Allan Hubley, who was quoted recently for misplacing his train whistle in regard to Ottawa’s troubled LRT project and is as loyal a voter with Mayor Jim Watson as is possible on council.

Read about Hubley’s Kanata South campaign contributor (in 2010 … Jacobson didn’t contribute in 2014).

Just click here for the whole story.



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11 thoughts on “Hubley’s Mysterious Campaign Contributor: Bulldog Exclusive

  1. Googlemaps doesn’t show an Alberta Street in Ottawa. Perhaps, Bulldog can engage in a little actual investigative journalism and find out the real story behind this contribution.

    1. Andrew:

      I’ve always found it interesting that people are so willing to suggest that I do more work.

      I’ll let you in on a secret. I’m a tad busy getting this out every day.

      Because of technical problems yesterday, I never got finished The Bulldog until 3 a.m. last night.

      So my patience with people suggesting I do more work is a little thin this morning.

      Why don’t you do more work?

      “Perhaps, Bulldog can engage in a little actual investigative journalism and find out the real story behind this contribution.”

      Well that’s a little harsh, isn’t it?

      Perhaps if you rub your eyes a bit this morning, you’ll find that The Bulldog broke the story about the extension of the Trillium Line 24 hours before any other media in town. And they have people whose only job is to find that stuff out.

      Were that the only thing I had to do.

      Andrew, your comments were like a little cloud on a sunny day.

      I’d like to spend more time talking to you about this but I’ve got substandard journalism to get to. Sorry.

      Thank you.


      (And oh yes, please note you get The Bulldog for free. Perhaps you’d like to take out a subscription if I put up a paywall? Maybe you’d like to take out an ad? A donation perhaps?)

      1. Hey Ken,

        Keep up the hard work, the paperwork definitely states Alberta Street in Toronto with a Toronto postal code. No investigation needed, just more careful reading.

    2. Andrew, if you looked at the second page of the list, you would see that Mr. Jacobson’s Alberta street address is in Toronto, not Ottawa.

    3. Perhaps you might actually read the second page of the listings that Ken put up Andrew. It clearly states 33 Alberta Street, TORONTO. Might be nice to get a complete picture before haranguing the journalist about an incomplete post.

    4. The post already shows Alberta St is in Toronto with postal code M6H 2S1…. you’ll notice the table was too wide to be legible on the screen as a single screenshot.

  2. Google is such a great tool. I followed up with a search on our very own Austin Powers and came up with this. Not too difficult is it Andrew?

  3. Andrew might also want to actually, READ, the list of contributor’s to Hubley’s campaign.
    It is clearly stated that the person on “Alberta Street” is in Toronto.

    Reading everything can be very informative.


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