I Didn’t See A High-Rise Report Notice: Ron Benn


Invaluable Bulldog participant Ron Benn didn’t see a high-rise report from the city in his role with the Centrepointe Community Association:

All e-mail messages sent to the Centrepointe Community Association, many of which emanate from the city, arrive on my desktop.

These messages are invariably written in “code”, referencing some file that requires the reader to delve into the bowels (at times the metaphor seems quite literal) of the city’s web presence, to try and decipher what the topic at hand is. If the specific reference is found, then one needs to speak “planning” as it invariably refers to the zoning or policy by #, requiring the reader to look (usually unsuccessfully) for a description that the lay person can read and understand.

I also get a series of messages from the FCA, which is populated by people who are actively monitoring the various zoning and related materials sent out by the city. These individuals take their role quite seriously, reading/responding/communicating about the topics at hand. Perhaps they could let us know whether they saw anything. I suspect at least one frequent comment poster is an active member of that group, based on the details they have referred to, from time to time, in their comments.

It is quite possible that the city sent out a message on the high-rise policy re-write. However, given the unreadable nature of their messages, I will never really know. All of which is to say that the city’s communication policy leaves much to be desired. My comment on a related column about the art form of disclosing everything and revealing nothing bears repeating here, and it is worthwhile noting that this approach is quite deliberate.

So I guess the question to planning committee chairwoman Jan Harder, who pompously said only two community associations responded to a city missive on the high-rise report, is … Where is the notice you were so proud of sending?


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2 thoughts on “I Didn’t See A High-Rise Report Notice: Ron Benn

  1. Obfuscation the mainstay of city communications. Is there a course which “planners” take to hide any truths from those who would like to know and comment?


  2. For Your Eyes Only … great movie title … it does not work when it comes to our city.

    Transparency is nonexistent, open communication is nonexistent, caring about our city as a whole is very, very, questionable.

    I can not think of one member of the current persons making decisions for our city council, who is worthy of re-election. Someone, please tell me where I am wrong.


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