If You Want To Save The Chateau …



… you better move fast.

Larco Investments has said it wants to start construction on the controversial addition to the Chateau Laurier in November 2017 … a few months from now.

Still this modern addition to the historic building must get through the city and the National Capital Commission before it is approved. Larco isn’t wasting any time. Looks like it wants to bulldoze this addition right through the government approvals process.

Hard to say if Mayor Jim Watson’s harsh words about the project were political bombast, cheap words or real action but we’re about to make a mess of an iconic building in the heart of the Parliamentary district.

We’re accustomed to architectural monstrosities outside of the Parliamentary district but this is the first private foray into this sacred ground.

Sketch above: An architectural rendering of part of the proposed expansion of the Chateau Laurier.

Is Ottawa the national capital and a place around which the country can rally or just a cash machine?

If the Parliamentary district is a symbol of Canada, then the Larco expansion of the Chateau Laurier must be stopped.

That said if Ottawa doesn’t care and the country doesn’t know about this (and most people out of Ottawa don’t know about this expansion), we’ll lose a piece of our built history. It’s time for this city to rally together to protect the nation’s heritage.



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3 thoughts on “If You Want To Save The Chateau …

  1. How much of what Larco wants to do actually requires City or NCC approval? It is excessively ugly and completely out of tune with its surroundings but those arguments don’t seem to hold much water these days.
    So much for heritage. Maybe it’s time for the CNR to get back into the hotel business.

  2. Putting aside the proposed design, the multitude of approvals required for this application in terms of heritage, NCC approvals etc, have created a scale of project that will not see a ‘legal’ shovel in the ground by 2017. I would honestly not be surprised if a year from now they may have filed an application and it will be micro managed, tweaked, twisted, turned from a multitude of interest groups and there will not be a shovel in the ground.

    Smaller scale projects in the City have taken longer than the time frame that is suggested.


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