In A Season Without Hope, There’s Hope … Spring


Are you tired of winter trying to kill you with ice?

Have you been dodging wind-whipped shards of frozen water off electrical lines and trees? Have trees tried to kill you? Your daffodil tops, peeking through the snow, being iced, frozen and chilled so many times that you expect them to say: “Screw it. We’re going back into the ground. See ya next year.”

Weather so bad it cancels an indoor baseball game in Toronto.


The ice storm along Lake Ontario in Burlington. For your 10-day Bulldog weather forecast,
click here.


Yes, you say. Some warm weather please.

Well this just in … spring arrives on Saturday. Yup. Saturday.

As this great moment in prose unfurls, the expected high Saturday is 10 C. Honest.

But there’s more. Sunday? 13 C. Monday? 17 C. Tuesday? 19 C.

And each day (and I’m not making this up) it is expected to be sunny. You know, sunny. That’s the big burning orb in the sky that we saw … let’s see … in the three days of summer last year.

So hold off on the trip to the psychologist, don’t try to kill yourself by walking on icy sidewalks, hide your stock of Valium, spring is here. Hope is here.

Anything can happen.


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