Integrity Commissioner Gets Busy On Budget: Patton



So the Christmas Miracle at budget will get a look-see from the integrity commissioner.

We’ll be keeping an eye on this one. So will Mayor Jim Watson. So will Bulldog commentator Mike Patton:




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One thought on “Integrity Commissioner Gets Busy On Budget: Patton

  1. Thanks, Mike. Another good morning waker-upper. Your video brings to mind a question I’ve been pondering for some time.

    Looks like Mayor Jim Watson has been misleading us and could have a real problem on his hands this time. Now the question: If he is caught lying, what should be done to him?” I say fire him. We need leaders who set an example the general public is encouraged to follow. Compare Rob Ford and Stephen Harper, who held office at the same time. Like Harper or not, he showed dignity and acted with aplomb. Rob Ford, did he possess the traits we want young people to follow? No, he did not.

    I’d like to refer back to the issue raised recently about draining the swamp. It all starts by removing the first chunk of muck. Fire Jim Watson. If we can’t do that now, let’s ensure we don’t make the mistake of re-hiring him in October.


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