Integrity Commissioner To Probe Budget Complaint

This is a document obtained by The Bulldog:

Sent on behalf of Mr. Robert Marleau, Integrity Commissioner:
Mr. O’Connor,
Following my preliminary review of the matter, this shall serve as formal notice that I intend to proceed with an inquiry of the complaint respecting the Budget Review Board, including interviews with relevant City staff and Members of Council.
Robert Marleau, C.M.
Office of the Integrity Commissioner
Bureau du commissaire à l’intégrité


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One thought on “Integrity Commissioner To Probe Budget Complaint

  1. I’ve never heard of Robert Marleau nor the term “integrity commissioner”, so before comenting I hopped over to Google and entered “Robert Marleau Ottawa”. The information provided included the following – “The Integrity Commissioner is an independent and impartial position reporting directly to Council”. Why isn’t this role filled by an “external” and impartial auditor who doesn’t report directly to city council?


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