Is City Hall Leaking On Senators Sale?


AJ Jakubec of The Team 1200 said Wednesday he has been chasing the Ottawa Senators potential sale for four months.

He can’t find any concrete information that says there is a purchase of the club in the works.

However, Jakubec believes the leaks about the sale are coming from the National Capital Commission or Ottawa City Hall.

Here’s Jakubec:



Now who at city hall would benefit from leaking on this topic?



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7 thoughts on “Is City Hall Leaking On Senators Sale?

  1. The question comes to mind of why anyone in city hall would be privy to this type of information. If Mr. Melnyk is contemplating the sale of the Senators, why would he talk to anyone at city hall? On the other hand, given the lack of integrity that has been demonstrated by the highest levels of city hall, it wouldn’t surprise me if a rumour was started even though there is no foundation for that rumour – just for personal entertainment.


    1. Ron:

      I think it also undermines Melnyk’s strength at the bargaining table.

      So far no one has confirmed anything on a possible sale so maybe it’s not on.

      We’ll see.




      1. Mr. Melnyk’s comments would seem to put to rest the idea that there is a sale being contemplated; a move on the other hand?


  2. Bettman & Daly both made it clear before the outdoor game that Melnyk can’t move the team without going through the NHL first, and in fact their rebuttal seems to suggest the NHL prefers keeping the franchise right here in Ottawa.
    Now consider that Melnyk just upstaged the NHL on Friday right before the NHL’s big 100th anniversary event, and that both Bettman and Daly had to to jump in and put out the fire Melnyk started. Doesn’t seem like Melnyk and the NHL are really on the same page right now does it? I wonder how long the NHL will tolerate that…


    1. The Duke:

      Maybe you missed that Bettman and Melnyk have trooped to the mayor’s office together and apart on occasion.

      They’re working together. They’re on the same page.




      1. The question that comes to mind is whether Mr. Melnyk went off script in his remarks, or were his remarks part of an NHL HQ approved strategy to put pressure on the NCC and the city as it relates to the LeBreton Flats negotiations.


  3. I am starting to think city hall wants the Sens gone. Why I think this way is OSEG seem to be the golden boys. They can do no wrong and if they become the only player in town they become even more powerful.
    Something wrong is going on and I have no trust in Watson. Right now I really hope I am wrong.


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