Is Crashed Ice Attendance Linked To Money?

Frequent Bulldog contributor Ron Benn might have discovered why the City of Ottawa was so concerned about attendance at Crashed Ice as part of Ottawa 2017. To read the municipality’s release in question, click here.

Benn’s comment is below:

My second reaction to this press release (the first being published by the Bulldog this morning) was why is the city worried about the attendance to the extent that they are disputing the attendance cited by the RCMP.

On further review, I note the following quote “… to deliver on obligations to funding partners …”. Is there a variable component to the sponsorship dollars that Ottawa 2017 has arranged with some of its funding partners? Put another way, is some of the funding quoted in those wonderful press releases issued by “Mayor Watson, the City of Ottawa and premier sponsor CIBC” a function of attendance at various events, and thus subject to change (downwards)?

If so, how much? With the open, transparent and accountable standards as practised by Mayor Jim Watson, inquiring minds with never know.

To read Benn’s first comment, click here.



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6 thoughts on “Is Crashed Ice Attendance Linked To Money?

  1. I had the same thought since it’s odd to be doing things like surveys of whether people were local or out-of-towners and then follow-up phone surveys after the fact.
    It may not just be the funding for this edition but Jim’s said that Crashed Ice is committed to come back to Ottawa every three years. That could also be dependent on attendance numbers. If Quebec City draws larger crowds, will they want to return here?


    1. It’s not odd to do that sort of research. Provincial and federal funding applications will ask precisely those questions on their applications, and the numbers provided will influence funding decisions. For example, an event that attracts 10,000 people from Ottawa will be less likely to get funding from a tourism-oriented program than will an event that attracts only 5,000 of which 4,000 come from outside the 613 area code.


  2. It is probably just a Trumpism.

    Nobody wants to hang the I word on an event that did not turn out to be as bigly as planned.


    1. P.S. – I am still unsure of how to properly use the word “bigly” but, since Prez T. used it I figure it is good to use whenever I want to.


      1. Chaz,
        If good enough for the new President, should be used as you and anyone sees fit. For some reason, Mayor Bigly Watson makes me chuckle.


        1. Fed – Up,
          Another word that I am confused about is “euphenism”. Yes – he put in an n rather than an m.
          Prez T. said it, it must; therefore, be a word.
          He meant to say euphemism but, even there, what he was describing wasn’t an euphemism.
          My vocabulary is increasing as the days pass by. (as the days pass by is an euphemism for I getting too old and grumpy )

          Chaz :)


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