Is It Time For A New Minister?


A civilized society survives by the rule of law.

It cannot prosper when people accused of a crime have their cases stayed because the Ontario government has not provided enough resources to have these accused have their cases heard in a reasonable amount of time.

A report using freedom of information reveals that in roughly the last half of 2016, 46 cases have been stayed due to the unreasonable delays.


In staying the trials, the courts have imposed the rule of law: a Supreme Court decision that set down reasonable times for cases to be heard.

Providing a speedy, fair and efficient court system is the responsibility of the Ontario government. In this, it has failed.

The problem is not new and neither is the provincial Liberal government. It has had much time to solve such an important problem just as it has dithered on fixing our jail system.

Many people have suffered because the Ontario government has not provided a basic service. We expect our governments to provide basic services.

It is like the City of Ottawa trying to reduce the basic service of snow-plowing on the sly last summer. We expect much more.

The court and jail system woes are of course much more serious than moving snow.

Fixing them does not garner much political capital. There are no ribbon-cuttings and celebrations involved in getting inmates out of showers for sleeping or hiring more judges.

But responsible governments don’t let such situations fester until they reach a crisis. Attorney General Yasir Naqvi has promised a solution to the court problem.

Naqvi, the MPP for Ottawa Centre, better provide it if for nothing else, a provincial election is on the way and the Liberal government is nervous.

If he cannot solve this, it is time for a new minister.

The provision of justice is basic to a free society. A government that lets this basic service and fundamental function of a democracy suffer does not deserve to be in power.



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4 thoughts on “Is It Time For A New Minister?

  1. “But responsible governments don’t let such situations fester until they reach a crisis.”


    Your statement is correct.

    Unfortunately, in my lifetime, all governments have only acted after the situation has become septic.

    Hence; I have never lived during the reign of a responsible government.

    On a list as long as my arm I could list festering issues. As one example: How long do the taxpayers think that hydro has been out of control? I could relate a story about a friend who was hired to be the cost accountant at Ontario Hydro back in the early 1970s. Not a single one of his initiatives was implemented. He quit his job when he saw that they only wanted was to list him as the man looking into a problem, but hydro had zero intention of doing anything about it.

    Doing the right thing prior to the infection bursting into the blood stream? I doubt I will ever see such a thing.

    Welcome back , hope you had a good rest.


  2. Ken:

    I do hope you enjoyed your vacation.
    A new minister is most definitely in order however, as the current choice is between inept and more inept, a new provincial government is what is required.

    Anne Marie


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