Is Justin Trudeau High? Whopper Watch




“Right now kids have easy access to cannabis across the country. We need to change that.”

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau


Yes. Let’s make it easier to get cannabis.

Now there’s some deep thinking.

Do kids under the age of 19 in Ontario have trouble getting alcohol? No.

Will kids under the age of 19 have trouble getting weed? No.

Never underestimate the ability of a teenager to get stoned.

And Trudeau is about to keep grass out of the hands of kids by putting up private weed shops. Obviously no one will resell legal weed to teens. Just like no one resells alcohol to teens.

Is there any logic in Trudeau’s statement at all?

This is the person we have to thank for the legalization of marijuana. Who is our prime minister.

John Diefenbaker is starting to look good.



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8 thoughts on “Is Justin Trudeau High? Whopper Watch

  1. His behaviour often impulsive and inappropriate. For example inviting Joe Biden to Ottawa. No point to it. Also his continue preening for a camera, any camera.

  2. The problem isn’t whether a high school student has easy access to pot, the problem is that his/her (zhis/zhers – did I get that right?) parents lose their source of product when he/she (zhe/- oh I give up) goes off to college or university.

    1. Ron,
      I maintain that there already is a perfectly fine, gender neutral pronoun – it is it. Please stop with all the new pronouns and while I am at it, can people please stop using they as singular.

      Get enough grass into a person and that person will give a darn not what pronoun is used.


  3. Most of the time the curmudgeon side of me rules the roost but, when it comes to decriminalizing mary-jane that should have been done back in 1969 with Bill C-150.

    I don’t care whether it is a martini, a shot of scotch or a valium – people do do drugs.

    One is no safer than the other.

    Personally, I read a book. As long as I am not driving while doing so then that is the only safe form of stress reduction.

    So the rest of the holier than thou drinkers and pill poppers should just – mellow out.

  4. “Is there any logic in Trudeau’s statement at all?”

    It has been awhile since I’ve been in high school, but it was much easier to access illegal drugs, particularly marijuana than it was to get alcohol. It was also easier to get marijuana than cigarettes. Will legalizing it and restricting the sale make it harder to get? Who knows. But I don’t see how it could make it any easier.


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