It Worked. Media Ignores High-Rise Report

Yet another way for high-rises to be inserted into old residential neighbourhoods.


The most significant planning document of the last 30 years and not a word of it in the Citizen or CBC Thursday morning … the day of a so-called public meeting on it.

The high-rise report, or a virtual carte-blanche for the development community, had its press release issued 27 hours before the only public meeting to be held on it prior to the May 23 council meeting that will no doubt approve it.

So the public doesn’t know that a somewhat public meeting will be held on this very significant document.

The report also will not be introduced at a planning committee meeting where each resident gets five minutes to present their opinions to committee.

This document is being rushed through city hall to avoid having the public confront planners and planning committee on a document that adversely affects homeowners in this community.

Planning committee chairwoman Jan Harder, Mayor Jim Watson and city manager Steve Kanellakos should be ashamed.

So too should the Citizen and CBC.


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