It’s Mooney’s Bay Again: Reader


Frequent Bulldog contributor Sheridan finds sympathy in his cold, cold heart for lil’ ole me.

There’s hope for you yet, Sheridan.

Here’s Sheridan with a pretty good comment that stars me. Oh to be so humble:

How many times has Ken contacted a city councillor only to find that the topic was a complete surprise to said councillor?

The most recent example was Ken’s post Bus Detour: The Bad Old Days Return To City Hall, which found Councillor Catherine McKenney unaware that city staff are planning to make the Scott Street bus route a permanent corridor for nighttime Transitway traffic when the line is completed in 2018.

The Mooney’s Bay playground was probably the biggest example of this culture of secrecy at city hall this past year. Mayor Jim Watson’s defence of this secrecy was: “Who can be against a children’s playground?”

And regarding the LRT topic, don’t forget that a new City of Ottawa department was made for the Light Rail project. (Eventually it is supposed to be merged into OC Transpo.) My point being that we have a dedicated bureaucracy overseeing this LRT project. Nothing regarding Ottawa LRT issues, from cost to construction timelines, should be a mystery to them — that info should be readily at their fingertips. Indeed, the public should already be informed about the cause of the Rideau Street sinkhole. Why is this being held back? And why are LRT cost figures being hidden from city council members and the public?

It is time for some adult supervision at the playground.



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5 thoughts on “It’s Mooney’s Bay Again: Reader

  1. Sheridan:

    Don’t forget my friend that the city has forgotten to tell us about the $180-million contract let for light rail.



    1. Ken,

      Yes, you have a journalist’s talent for picking up on those details which pass the rest of us by. Indeed, your exhaustive knowledge of the LRT portfolio set me straight on the issue of the true cost for the planning of the cancelled North-South LRT line — such a waste. What a shame that our public transit planning is controlled by such shortsighted and politically-driven municipal politicians.

      I’ll get over my Tunney’s loss soon enough — I kind of knew that it was too good to be true that a government body would agree with my advice. (And gosh, defending a Liberal cabinet minister was rather surreal for me.) I’ll just have to live with the dream of what could have been, and a lingering feeling of sadness each time I ride the Confederation line past Tunney’s Pasture on my way to suburbia.

      Anyway, as an act of charity, I shall donate my cold, cold heart to science. Maybe then, after they defrost my cold, cold heart, someone can figure out what made me tick, and help others with the same heart condition. Although, I have heard that laughter is good for the heart.

      1. Sheridan:

        You are an absolute joy to have on this site.

        Don’t take the losses too bad and the wins too well.

        Sounds like the protestant coming out in me.

        If everyone had a cold cold heart like you, the world would be a better place.

        Just keep writing. It is wonderful.



  2. I think Ken will confirm this is not new behaviour by staff over the years. Who wouldn’t give it a shot if you can get away with it? What is new in the last six years is the magnitude and frequency of the “Surprise!!” events.
    Hopefully, the thing that’s new more recently at the Laurier Avenue bunker, i.e, the arrival of the new sheriff in town, Steve Kanellakos, will change that. He’s got through the organizational reset and the budget will be finished next week. It could be his next task to correct the staff side of this.
    It will be up to us to retrain the councillors.

  3. With regard to Mooney’s Bay, using the City’s Access to Information, I requested documents listed in the City and Sinking Ship Entertainment’s (SSE) Agreement, section 14.3. That was back in mid-July 2016. The turnaround time is supposed to be 30 days. It’s now December and I’m still waiting for SSE to allow the release of the documents. City lawyers told them that they must. Same story, why are documents being held back? I’ve sent the City analyst my third reminder last week – no response. TIme to send another and maybe I’ll cc the City Manager Steve Kanellakos. Dare I hope for access!


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