It’s Not Called Sandy Hill For Nothing: Quotable



“Sandy Hill is called Sandy Hill for a reason.”

Gloucester-South Nepean Councillor Michael Qaqish

You will remember that the light-rail tunnel was chopped by one-third because tunnelling conditions in Sandy Hill were unfavourable.

Now the new $2-billion proposed truck tunnel is to run under Sandy Hill.

This time the tunnel has been dubbed technically feasible.

We’ll see.

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7 thoughts on “It’s Not Called Sandy Hill For Nothing: Quotable

  1. Maybe the old Bytown folks didn’t call it Sandy Hill because it was sandy. Maybe a curmudgeon once lived at the top of the hill and he was a loner who shooed people away with a round of buck-shot.

    The locals would therefore warn outsiders. ” Stay away from Sandy’s hill unless you want to get shot at.”

    So , you see, it can’t be related with tunneling nor sink-holes.

    Just a bit of history, :)


  2. Perhaps it was a ruse to get beachgoers to move to the area by misnaming it. Sort of like how the Vikings tried to encourage settlement in Greenland while discouraging settlement on another island called Iceland. Everyone now knows that Greenland isn’t really very green and Iceland is much more hospitable than the name would imply. In order to avoid all the wealthy people leaving the centre of Ottawa in the summer for the more pleasant waterfront cottage areas in Westboro, Brittania and Crystal Bay, just rename a portion of lowertown “Sandy Hill” and people will want their summer homes in that area. Who would want to vacation in Clay Hill or Pile of Rocks Hill? We can’t have had the only Council in the history of Ottawa that thought that they could fool the public.

    1. Andrew,
      I like the Greenland/Iceland quip but whoever heard of cottaging in Westboro,Brittania or Crystal Bay. There is only one cottage country in Ontario and we call it Muskoka. (means land-o-lots-o-lakes and rocks and beer.)

  3. If they decide to tunnel under Sandy Hill, be prepared for damages to foundations of homes. My understanding is that the ground is different, much like the sinkhole that almost “sunk” the LRT.

  4. Ken,
    A week or two ago, when on air with Mark Sutcliffe, the Mayor stated “I have no idea why it is called Sandy Hill. It is not Sandy and it is not ‘hilly’.” I made a post from my page on this.

    The name was given with reason. It is a sandy region and was very hilly. Isn’t it reassuring to know how little our Mayor knows about our City.

    Anne Marie

  5. Anyone (Qaqish are you listening?) who read the tunnel study report would know that the proposed tunnel would be going through bedrock far below the “sandy” part of Sandy Hill.


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