Jail Time Echoes Totalitarianism




How is it possible in one of the world’s oldest democracies that a person can be held in solitary confinement for two years until he develops mental illness.

And that person is forced to sleep in a shower cell.

Has his mattress taken away.

Who started hallucinating after so long in solitary.

Who was so mentally ill that he was deemed to be unfit for trial.

Whose jailer would not discuss the man’s case due to privacy considerations.

Where did this occur? Stalinist Soviet Union? Hitler’s Germany?

No. The Ottawa-Carleton Regional Detention Centre.

Mutiur Rehman, the man to whom all this was done, was originally charged with second-degree murder but his charge was lowered to manslaughter. Rehman will serve 5.5 years for his crime.

Rehman’s treatment should not have occurred to a dog. Crime or no crime, he is a human being, not someone to be tortured. Our civilization is not determined by how we treat the priviledged but how we treat those with little.

In Rehman’s case, our civilization fared poorly.

Rehman’s treatment is a stain on all who were in charge of his custody and to our community that such a horror could be allowed to occur.



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3 thoughts on “Jail Time Echoes Totalitarianism

  1. Ken:

    You ask – how is it possible?

    If I were to assign adjectives to the various levels of government officials and the people who allow these things to happen, then you would not be able to publish the words I’d use.

    Problem prisoners are looked at as just that – a big pain.

    I won’t go on but I would ask your readers to look up (as a taste) the confinement and ultimate death of Ashley Smith. She died in Oct. 2007 while in custody.

    My son has treatment resistant schizophrenia. The stories of how he was treated by many of the so-called professionals who were assigned to care for him , would make your hair stand on end. Fortunately we finally found a doctor who was willing to try a medication and it helped enough that we were able to bring our son home again.

    October 2016 a change was made in Ontario regarding limiting the length of time a person can be held in solitary confinement. They prefer the word segregation. Guess they think that term is more palatable.

    The case you are citing is another example in a list that shows how thin the veil of humanity truly is.


  2. AND to all the C.O.’s and other front-line workers that have been directly involved with or witnessed the use of solitary confinement:

    “I was just following orders” does not make an acceptable defence nor should it clear your conscience, Shame.

  3. I could have included this with my comment on the up-coming by-election but, I am putting it here.

    Des Rosiers has criticized the use of solitary confinement as a far too often used method of controlling problem prisoners. The C.C.L.A. have fought for change for years and Des Rosiers has been at the forefront.


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