Jim Watson For NCC Chairman?


Frequent Bulldog contributor Ron Benn takes a look at the future of the mayor:

Mayor Jim Watson, as a long-time Liberal party member, knows that he needs to let the party know whether he will stand for re-election.

If he does not intend to run again, he needs to let them know soon, so that they can recruit a suitable candidate and get their fund-raising and “boots on the ground” resources geared up. By not running again, he will also be letting the Ontario and federal Liberals know that he is available for an appointment, to keep him entertained for the next several years. No doubt he has several possible positions in mind.

Perhaps chairman of the National Capital Commission?



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9 thoughts on “Jim Watson For NCC Chairman?

  1. Great minds think alike Ron.

    I commented that Mayor Jim Watson would end up as the NCC chairman when the whole ‘non-voting’ seat discussions were happening a year or two ago. Given the mess that surrounds current chairman Russell Mills now, thanks to Environment Minister Catherine McKenna, I don’t know how much time is left before he’s replaced (or at the very least politely asked to take a walk in the snow).

    1. Nicholas:

      I wonder if Watson would be in favour of giving the city mayors the vote at the NCC if His Worship became chairman.

      I think he might find a good reason why that is a very bad idea.



      1. The mayors of Ottawa and Gatineau wouldn’t need a vote if Lord Jim was Chairman. After all, he knows what is best and could more than adequately represent the needs of the cities.

  2. Watson, as Mayor, has shown us his lack of vision and imagination. If anyone is crazy enough to make him NCC chairman, I despair for this city.

    Any person making such an appointment is also no friend of Ottawa.

    Since Watson is very good at escaping any blame or responsibility, yet taking all the credit, some appointment with this requirement should be created if it does not exist.

    1. Fed-Up:

      There’ll be condos on the Macdonald Parkway and P3s for everything else.

      He will do for the Parliamentary district what he has done for the old west end.



  3. No. No. No. Watson has no vision. Without the NCC, the driveways would look like Carling Avenue.

    With Watson at the helm, well you guessed it, the driveways will look like Carling Avenue. He is a lightweight
    self-serving person. His aim is to advance Watson by any means necessary. How about getting the feds to offer him an ambassadorship somewhere. Meet and greet. Schmooze.

    Say lots and do nothing. That’s the ticket for Watson.

    1. @robert, I agree with your analysis. My comment was a reflection on how politicians are beholden to their masters, and of how so many politicians feel entitled to an appointment to top off their compensation package for the decade or so after they leave public office, until they finally decide to live off of their pension(s).


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