Jim Watson, Get Bruce Deachman A Plaque


Citizen reporter Bruce Deachman has reached a standard never achieved in the nine years of existence of The Bulldog.

His story last week, All aboard! A sneak peek inside the new trains, yielded not one, nor two, nor three Whopper Watches, but four, surpassing the previous record of three set by the Citizen a number of years ago.

In one swoop Deachman solved the problem pointed out by Citizen columnist Kelly Egan recently … not enough boosterism of our massively over-priced, reasonably useless, under-performing, ridiculously planned, duel sink-holed and late light-rail plan.

Why even the headline on page one of the piece took a probing look at this fiasco of a project: LRT’S JUST THE TICKET. That was the flare for the whole paper.

Yes, that shortage of praise for the line and our mayor has been eradicated in a single story.

Your agent has covered light rail here since 1998 and not seen such a massive waste of money in the modern history of the City of Ottawa.

Congratulations. Just the ticket … of course.


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