Jim Watson Is Out Of His Depth: Whopper Watch




Police have beats … and I often will see police filling out reports in an abandoned parking lot off the beaten path. Do it on that street where the murder was so that the public sees the police presence and criminals see the police presence.”

Mayor Jim Watson on how to fight the rising tide of violence in Ottawa


Oh my god.

Ottawa has 22 homicides, triple the number of last year, and this is a solution that Mayor Jim Watson provides to the citizens of Ottawa?

Police officers should fill out their paper work in their cars in places where killings and violence have occurred?

If Watson actually believes this, then we don’t exactly have a nuclear physicist or brain surgeon working out of the civic offices on Laurier Avenue. More to the point if this is the solution Watson offers to the victims of crimes or the friends and relatives of those who have been murdered, perhaps it’s time for a new mayor. In fact, it has been time for a new mayor for many years.

The budget is a mess, the accumulated debt is frightening, the light-rail plan is a joke, the lack of transparency in civic government is worrying, he wants to build a budget-busting impractical truck tunnel to get himself out of the Kettle Island bridge mistake and the mayor can find time to go to the Grey Cup to celebrate the victory of a team owned by some of his campaign contributors but can’t have spent more than 10 minutes thinking of a way to deal with the vital issue of violence if this is the best he can do. Watson is out of his depth … but then he is always has been. He isn’t about to get any smarter.

By the way, high-profile meetings with the police chief don’t count as a way of solving the violence problem.

That’s because anyone with a small knowledge of social problems understands that once these concerns reach the police, the social safety net is in tatters. What has Watson done to fill these holes? The only holes Watson has filled between bake sales are light-rail sinkholes.

Give your head a shake for a moment, Your Worship. Here is an example of how the city is so out-of-touch with its various communities. Take a look in some of our immigrant neighbourhoods to see how many baseball fields are in parks there. Lovely baseball fields no doubt but does anyone from Ethiopia or Somalia or Syria even know what baseball is?

Watson is so out of his depth on so many issues that 1) he should get some experts helping him in fields where he has little knowledge (that’s a lot of experts) and 2) movers and shakers in this community (who came together so well and so quickly on the Civic) need to start finding smart candidates to run for mayor and council in 2018.

In case you missed it, this guy can’t handle the job. Were the mayor’s post to simple dispense party advice, well, Watson’s your man. If you want more … no.

This city cannot afford four more years of Jim Watson.


Mayor Jim Watson doing what he does best.



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13 thoughts on “Jim Watson Is Out Of His Depth: Whopper Watch

  1. So which part of his job description has the mayor of a large city “often” hanging around in abandoned parking lots watching police officers filling out their paperwork? How many abandoned parking lots are there in the city?

  2. I would prefer that the police officers fill in their reports while somewhere other than on the street. Traffic flow is already a challenge in many neighbourhoods, and a police car parked on the street just adds to the congestion.

  3. Sometimes those twitter thumbs can cause people to make inane thoughts appear in the cyber world.
    Sometimes those thoughts come from people holding a positions of authority.

    Sometimes those people should be more statesman-like with the pronouncements made.

  4. I thought police fill out paperwork when something happens, meaning they’re there filling out paperwork because something happened in the “abandoned parking lots”.

    That’s neither here nor there, though maybe the mayor can lead by example and only attend events and bake sales in the neighbourhoods that need more attention.

  5. Police catch up on their paperwork when they have a quiet spell and usually pull into some parking lot to do it. I would suggest a ride-along for Watson except (1) the police might give him the royal treatment which would teach him nothing or (2) they might accidentally lose him. Actually (2) is looking good right about now.
    Watson has demonstrated he is not up to the job, yet keeps getting elected. This is the result of voter apathy and a lack of good candidates stepping up to run as mayor and for council! Why are we lacking good candidates?

  6. I am guessing that Mayor Jim Watson does a weekly drive by of parking lots to take an inventory of potential property development. Watson is anxious to maximize development fees in order to help fund his LRT system.

    Recently, The Bulldog was debating the full cost of Phase 1 of the Confederation line, however, the issue of security was missing from that subject. Is enough security being provided for this new LRT line, especially the downtown stations? How much money is being spent to provide for the safety of the LRT public?

    So often we have seen Watson reacting to a situation, rather than being pro-active. How is Watson approaching the security provisions for the LRT system? Surely a mayor with his fingers on the pulse of the activity of abandoned parking lots must also have an exact knowledge of public transit security measures and costs.

    No doubt, in 2018, Watson will be instructing the police force to fill out all their paperwork at O-Train stations.

    1. Sheridan:

      You know that downtown after work hours has all the excitement of the city morgue but with fewer bodies … particularly along the line of the light-rail route.

      So how would you like to be standing at one of those stations (the only person) waiting for a train at 11 p.m. … particularly if you are a woman.

      One advantage of surface rail is that commuters aren’t left as vulnerable as at underground stations. Plus security is a big continuing cost.

      I expect there will be cameras but that’s not enough.



  7. I do not have a legal background so perhaps someone else will know the answer.

    Is a police report not the first papers, i.e. the official report, that would be used to charge a person with a crime, perhaps used in court, etc.

    It needs to be done properly and not as some kind of spectator sport.

    Really Watson’s comments are getting crazier by the minute.

  8. Jim Watson would be out of his depth in a wadding pool.

    I do find it thought-provoking as to how many who pushed him as the ‘choice’ in the last election are now saying he should not be mayor. He was wrong from the first time he ran and deserted. He remains wrong. I did not vote for him any of those times and that is not about to change.

    Anne Marie

    1. Anne Marie:

      I supported Watson in his first campaign as the amalgamated city mayor on the “I’m not Larry O’Brien ticket” (sorry Larry … how’s the weather in Florida?).

      I didn’t support anyone in the last election.

      That said, my support and a buck might get you a cup of coffee.



    2. In the late 1990s, when Watson was mayor, I recall him suggesting condos at Lansdowne and he was nearly run out of town. Pity he wasn’t since he patiently bided his time and got what he wanted. Ottawa residents, on the other hand, have multiple serious challenges and no bright lights to even suggest a decent fix.
      Never liked the man, never voted for him, never will.


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