Just Do The Job, Mark Taylor



Deputy Mayor and Bay Councillor Mark Taylor finds his way into a fair amount of trouble.

Recently Taylor remarked that a “consoling factor” in recent shooting was that the victim was known to the police. He then piled on that whopper a complaint that his quote was taken out of context. The out-of-context plea is usually the last refuge of scoundrels.

Then Taylor has a hassle over a supposed $4,000 discrepancy in his campaign expenses. This has not been proven in court.

And he has been spending public money on things such as jackets with “deputy mayor” embroidered on them.

Being a councillor means not getting very far from the core duties of representation and administration.

Taylor is beginning to stray from those basic functions.

That’s a bad idea.

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3 thoughts on “Just Do The Job, Mark Taylor

    1. Are we now paying for politicians’ wardrobes? How much do these jackets cost and is he the only one doing this? I’ve seen city councillors at community events in those blue jackets with city logos but I thought they paid for them out of their own pockets, not mine.
      Didn’t Shawn Little get into trouble for buying clothing with city money? How is this different – other than that, if I remember correctly, he was buying underwear instead of jackets.

      1. I had no idea…

        It’s bad enough the mayor gets a chauffeur that he basically uses to run a never-ending election campaign.

        Why are we financing what is effectively marketing for public officials?


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