Katherine Hobbs Was Wrong About Hintonburg



A few years ago former Kitchissippi councillor Katherine Hobbs chided your agent for saying that there were still a few unsafe spots in rapidly gentrifying Hintonburg.

Hobbs said that wasn’t the case.

Now police are warning Ottawans of swarmings in the Hintonburg area. The neighbourhood has come a long way but there are still elements of its tough old days.

Much credit to the residents and community activists in Hintonburg who have turned it into one of the most interesting areas in Ottawa.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Like most neighbourhoods, reasonable people will realize there are still some things to do.

And just for the record, your agent misses Hobbs. She was an endless source of copy and her exploits rivalled those of former mayor Larry O’Brien and the current model Jim Watson.

Wishing her the best.



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3 thoughts on “Katherine Hobbs Was Wrong About Hintonburg

  1. I’d be interested in seeing where similar incidents are happening across the city and what the threshold is for the police to issue such a warning. The historic prevalence of swarmings in certain areas would also be an interesting stat. For example, certain transit stations have had their share of occurrences – have they been cleaned up?


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