Kelly Egan Likes The Sodded Bridge



Come on.

Kelly Egan are you OK? Have you bumped your head?

Kelly (my former colleague and good guy for whom I have the utmost respect though a tiny bit less today) likes the Ottawa 2017 bridge party.

In case you missed this … and there’s no way you could have if you read The Bulldog … the Alexandra Bridge will be sodded (yes, sodded) so that Ottawans and out-of-towners can have a picnic on the bridge.

Sod appears in almost every Top 10 list on The Bulldog (to the merriment of all) because, well, who sods a bridge? Why Mayor Jim Watson and Ottawa 2017. This is entertainment you can’t get anywhere else.

So who likes sodding the Alexandra Bridge for a picnic? Well there’s Watson and Kelly and Watson and … let’s see … Watson. Maybe some of Watson’s fake Twitter followers, too. It’s just we can’t ask them. That pretty much covers it.

So Kelly welcome to a minority of two (unless we count the fake Twitter followers with whom Watson’s people say he is eager to engage with. Good luck).

Kelly doesn’t back up why he likes the sodding just: “I do like the bridge picnic idea.”

Maybe he couldn’t get tickets for dinner at the end of a crane. Hard to say.

Anyway Kelly if you did bump your head, I can be over at Baxter Road in 10 minutes. I know the way. We’ll have you checked out at the Civic in no time.


Top video: Mayor Jim Watson being damn excited by dining on sod.

Bottom video: Here’s what it will look like dining on the end of a crane.

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4 thoughts on “Kelly Egan Likes The Sodded Bridge

  1. There is something about that crane idea that gives me the shivers. I read a news story about a crane falling over. I can’t quite remember where that happened. If I wait a while, it will come to me.

    Oh yes, it was in Ottawa.

    I will keep my feet on the ground, thank you. The ground might produce a sinking feeling though.


  2. Most of these events are trying too hard to be different. Is Ottawa so lacking in grass that a bridge needs to be sodded? I prefer simple and classy — words unknown to the planners.


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