Kinsella Calls Donald Trump What He Is



“Trump is a dishonest, disgusting thug.”

Liberal pundit Warren Kinsella


That pretty much sums it up.

U.S. President Donald Trump tries to pre-empt the focus of the G7 meeting by saying Russia should be back in the organization.

If he knew what he was saying (and that’s open to doubt), Trump would have realized that Russia was tossed for its extra-territorial ambition in Ukraine, which haven’t changed.

The U.S. president showed up late to a meeting on women’s rights (he could learn something there) and leaves early … snubbing his closest allies and being immeasurably rude to his host Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Then he called Trudeau a liar and meek. Nice. We defer to Trump on his undeniable expertise in lying.

There’s no gain to be had doing business with this guy. The world should just snub him.

Was anything gained at the G7 meeting? No. If another one were held tomorrow, would anything be gained? No.

The world’s most powerful nation has gone rogue.

Those who sow the wind, reap the whirlwind. So said Churchill and look how it turned out for the fascist Hitler.

The German dictator lied, cheated, broke international law, fostered racism, pandered to the lowest common denominator and didn’t stop violence against minorities by his fellows.

Sound familiar?

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2 thoughts on “Kinsella Calls Donald Trump What He Is

  1. To top that off, Trump’s minions are now claiming that he did Trudeau and the other leaders a “favour” by attending when he has so many more important things to do. Really? A favour? Really?

  2. Just some points to ponder:
    – Godwin’s Law.
    – Koch brothers are campaigning against Trump’s tariffs.
    – New York, California, Mexico and Canada +.
    – G6.
    – Populist politicians will all fail when (if) people wake up


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