Lansdowne Noise: An Open Letter To Chernushenko


This is an open letter to Capital Councillor David Chernushenko concerning extending the limit for loud noise at Lansdowne Park:

Mr. Chernushenko:

The city is reviewing noise bylaws, but there’s no place that I could find on the city website where I can provide a comment as to what I thought should be done.

So I’m asking you as our councillor to not allow the extension of time from 11 p.m. to 1 a.m. As it is at present, the noise continues after 11 p.m. and we have to call bylaw to shut it down. If you extend it to 1 a.m. it will continue to 1:15 p.m. or 1:30 p.m. And we will have to call bylaw then. When they decided to build Lansdowne, they knew they were building in a residential area. Now they’re trying to turn their backs on Ottawa residents in order to meet the needs of a special group.

I can understand extensions or variances to other noise applications. Street-fixing, other construction, snow-removal and such are necessary. But the noise from these very noisy concerts is not necessary. They are just discretionary commercial ventures. Such ventures should never have been contemplated for a residential area.

Please respect the wishes of those who voted for you.

Robert Roberts


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5 thoughts on “Lansdowne Noise: An Open Letter To Chernushenko

  1. While voters may think this is ‘just a Glebe problem’, if this happens at Lansdowne, rest assured it sets a precedent for all others neighbourhoods in the city.


  2. If you purchase a property next to an airport, you should have known there would be noise.

    When you purchase property in the Glebe, you should know there will be noise.

    There is not one single person who purchased their property in that area prior to Lansdowne existing and I am not talking about the present redone facility. Should the bylaw be enforced when the time is exceeded, probably yes. Is it a nightly occurrence. No. Does this transpire in other areas, yes, yet, they realize that it is something that transpires periodically. Depending on the wind direction, or how high the clouds are on a night, this affects many more than just the Glebe and yet… who do we hear from over and over again.

    Anne Marie


    1. Mr. Roberts, did you buy your property in the 1860s? Because that’s how long there has been a stadium on at that site. Given this, you knew exactly what you were getting into when you bought your house. If you wanted quiet summer evenings, you could have just bought in the ‘burbs like the rest of us. Instead you chose a downtown city location with great amenities, but you’ll have to endure the noise. People, if you don’t want a noisy evening, don’t buy a house in a busy downtown area. Wow where’s the common sense?


      1. Anonymous,
        Perhaps you should reread the comments from robert roberts.
        He specifically is referring to extending the noise restriction past the current 11:00pm. He certainly isn’t asking for total silence. 11:00 pm cut-off seems like common sense to me.


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